How do I shop for books?

Can I apologise for the lack of posts yesterday, I had a migraine.

I like to take time with shopping for my books, bookshop to me is my safe haven. My favourite is Waterstones.

I usually check out the sale shelf first then going to my favourite authors: Jenny Colgan, Ellie dean, Nicholas sparks etc (it’s a long list) to see if I’ve missed any or if there is anything new. Every book I pick out I read The blurb and it’s first sentence to see if anything grabs me. Then, I like to check the biographies and the non-fiction books before going back to the YA section for light reading. I then am doing another lap of the shop before I make my choices. Then if they have a cafe, a nice cuppa!

I usually go by book reviews and the libraries/iBooks top charts to see if it is cheaper to get them on kindle or paperback.