Dance class: Dance like no ones watching

I’ve been going to inclusive dance classes since last August and I love it. I’m also part of my local disability coalition too.

We meet every Thursday and do all different styles of dance and we have a laugh in between. To take today we planned for the competition in October in London where we will be taking part in a showcase. Also I will be performing in the women’s freestyle category as a soloist to the song This is me from The Greatest Showman, I do love a good musical but sometimes I wonder why the hell I volunteered in first place because I’m actually petrified of performing in front of people… I suppose that’s something I’m going to have to get used to.I love dance class because there’s a real sense of camaraderie, we are certainly an eclectic mix! Although we have had to give ourselves a kick up the backside if we’re to get ready for October! Today I also received my official hoodie.

Our showcase piece is to music ‘happy’ and incorporates macaton sign language and today we got really into it.

I still can’t believe that I’ll be competing for a medal but everyone said that because this’ll be’ll our first competition to think of this as going on a jolly and just to enjoy yourself.

We are also performing at a dance festival in July to fundraise money for our fees for the competition… I will be setting up a go fund me page and I would be grateful for any support. I’m also in charge of sorting out costumes!

This is more than a dance class, it’s a sense of community and we can all relate to each other. It gets me out the house, is fun exercise and makes me feel like I’m contributing something. Keep an eye on my Instagram and Twitter page for videos and photos. The para dance world better watch out, The Strictly Sparkling Dragons are coming for you!

A huge thank you to our choreographer Louise for giving up your time to help us achieve this goal. Also thank you to my personal assistant who will be accompanying me on the two nights stay.

Everybody can dance 💃🏼

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