My Disability and Me: Being bisexual

I’ve known since I was thirteen that I was bisexual but I wasn’t quite ready to embrace it yet and with rumours floating around school it made things harder. I felt a pressure to be over the top about my boy crushes and couldn’t really talk about my girl ones because it made some people uncomfortable. As you can imagine it made dating difficult and didn’t end up having my first relationship until I was eighteen.

People assume that because I’m disabled that I don’t have sexual desires but I do. Add to that being gay it just made me seem even more different and unrelatable. People assume that I want them to be my Carer, to fetch and carry but that’s not true I just want someone other than my family to see me as a person and not a wheelchair or gay. Just Rachel.

In 2015 I officially came out and it’s great. I’ve found a community that accepts my differences (you’d be surprised at how many women are disabled and bisexual!) yes, it does mean that my dating experiences are unique but aren’t everybody’s?

Currently, I am single and am searching for love but why when I mention that I’m disabled does the trail go cold? I’m just like everyone else inside. If society can be more accepting of the LGBTQ community in regards to dating, why can’t they accept that people with disabilities want fulfilling relationships?

I’m proud of being bisexual and disabled and I wouldn’t be lying if I said I didn’t encounter bullying because I did.

I just hope that if you’re reading this post that you take away the fact that just because somebody is different doesn’t mean they don’t feel and want the same things as you.

To thirteen year old me? Chin up honey you’ll be okay and stronger with what you go through. Everybody deserves love.


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