A Royal Wedding

Dear readers,

Today has been very exciting in the Robb household, I’ve waited months for this wedding.

I’ve been up since 6 am this morning watching the news coverage! By five to nine I was in my best lemon tea dress complete with pearls and a yellow flower in my hair for the occasion, eyes glued to the BBC as I sipped my morning cuppa (it was too early for Pimms). I didn’t leave my armchair once.

I squealed when the Beckham’s arrived and swooned over Idris Elba as the chapel doors opened, all the while thinking; what’s Meghan wearing? Is Harry having Dutch courage? Will Kate recycle yet another outfit?

I did get a bit teary when I saw Harry and Wills, wishing that Diana could have been there.

She looked simply stunning, reminding me of Audrey Hepburn’s wedding gown in Funny Face.

Lunch for me was a cheese and onion sandwich and a slice of Victoria sponge and can of Pimms – the food gone before they’d said ‘I do’!

Again, it was lovely to see Charles walk with Meghan and offer his arm to her mother as they signed the register – it was lovely to see her being truly welcomed into the fold as the Windsor’s stood on the steps. Wasn’t Charlotte adorable? (I had to laugh when Zara Tindle looked bored to tears, not to mention princess Anne being compared to Hugh Hefner and Beatrice and Eugenie’s Pan Am and Hippy dress up!)

As an atheist, I found the religious bits dull but couldn’t help admiring the bishop’s passion as he gave his sermon on love. The choir was lovely too.

Today we witnessed history; a feisty feminist and biracial woman being welcomed into the bluest of bloodied families, a sign the monarchy is always changing. Something tells me that Meghan won’t be the shy and retiring type…. perfect for the wild Prince Harry!

I wish them love and happiness. Now, all we need is a disabled gay princess and I’ll be happy.


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