Pain episode

I feel like someone is pulling my pelvis apart like a turkey’s wish bone.

Last night I had to take a diazepam and I felt so guilty because I’m trying not to use painkillers but, their comes a time when it’s too much. I was supposed to go down another 75mg of pregablin but, it’ll have to wait until this pain episode passes.

Today I’m distracting myself by working on my fangirl instagram @small_town_fangirl_ which supports Zac Efron, Demi Lovato and, the Travolta’s – so go and check that out if you want. Don’t forget to follow my @rachdiaries Instagram and Twitter @the_r_diaries for all things disability related.

Here’s some tips on how I deal with a pain flare:

  1. Do my physio
  2. Use a hot water bottle/ heated blanket
  3. Painkillers as a last resort
  4. Sleep
  5. Distraction e.g: reading (currently reading The secret we’re keeping) If you like romance read my FREE novella, Carefree and Consequence.
  6. Blogging my frustrations/tweeting and talking with other sufferers.
  7. Lots of tea and cake
  8. A warm bath
  9. Not moving
  10. Scream/cry/ punch something

I hope I’m okay for dance on Thursday because I need to work on my solo to Demi Lovato’s Skyscraper and we need to work on our group piece. Cripple club is so much fun!

Ugh. I hate pain days. Luckily, I’m with a new care company and they are so much better than the last lot, so much more positive and competent. Can you believe my last care company would make me sleep on a hard sling in bed?! As well as rushing me on the toilet, walking into my house using the key safe when we cancelled calls, even leaving the front door open (the dogs escaped!) and even scalding my ankles with a hot water bottle! Thank god I’m finally rid of them!

Even if i just go for a walk for an hour today then that’s fine by me. I know my limits.

Rant over. I love how blogging is so cathartic 😉

Hope these tips help!

Love Rach x


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