12 years since you passed away.

This poem is dedicated to Janet Williams, my Nan. Yesterday we went out for her memorial meal and celebrated her life the way she’d want us to, together an happy. We left flowers at her graveside, ate cake and even left her a larger, not forgetting the cigarette and Turkish delight. We celebrated Williams style.

12 years since you past away

But to me it feels like yesterday

The sun was shining and we were having fun

And then mama got that awful phone call

Then the rain fell down

And on mama’s face I saw tears

I saw her heart break.

I’m twenty now and miss you still

but I know your with me where ever I am

And when the breeze blows

It’s like your holding my hand

When I’m scared and insecure you’re

Saying ‘it’s alright, you’ve got great plans’

I know your watching over me

and laughing and crying at what I do

But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t give my heart

just to spend a few minutes with you.

It’s been twelve years since you passed

but our love for you will forever last.

I’m lucky to have an angel

Watching over me,

Over us

And I know when the seas crash high

and clouds pass by, that you’re always

By our side.

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