CBD Oil: My new best friend

Okay, this is going to be like ripping off a bandaid… I take cannabis oil. It is legal and is sold as a food supplement but it is a great muscle relaxer. I’m not ashamed when you have my levels of pain you’d want anything to stop it.

There’s no high with it.

It’s the best thing ever seeing as my painkillers make me depressed and ‘dark’ plus, back up my bowels longer than the M 25 on a Friday rush hour.

It’s literally magic in a bottle. I take five to seven drops as and when and my spasms reduce dramatically.



2 thoughts on “CBD Oil: My new best friend

  1. Thanks for posting this. We were actually looking in to this for my Grandpa but he was hesitant because he didnt want to feel high. Where did you get yours?


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