Why aren’t there more public disabled toilets with hoists?

Yes, I know I have a catheter but there have been times out on trips with Carers and I need a number two. (I’m human after all)

So when you find a disabled toilet you expect there to be equipment to help facilitate your needs right? Uh uh. Wrong.

Sometimes the disabled bathrooms are too small. Many a time a carer or friend has had to risk themselves getting injured getting me on the toilet.

i recently read a story in Take a Break where a six year old boy has to be changed on a dirty toilet floor to have his needs tended too. It’s wrong and dehumanising.

you know what his mum did? Started s petition and sat on a toilet in an emoji poo costume to raise awareness of the issue. But that’s not enough, it should be a legal requirement across the board to have access to this equipment.

Many a time, I’ve had to hold it in until I get home which leads to constipation. You shouldn’t have to worry wether a building has these facilities, it should be mandatory.

Sign this petition here to show your support. For more information and advice on this issue visit Changingplaces.org.


Rant over.



Today’s Tip: Staying cool in your wheelchair during the heat

  • We all know that the majority of wheelchair cushions are made of black right? This attracts heat. My advice is to put cool packs under your cushions and down your side supports. This will help and make you feel a little more comfortable.
  • Attach an umbrella to your headrest.
  • when not using your chair, park it in the shade so that when you get back in if you don’t burn your bum on the cushion!
  • try and opt for a breathable mesh material – unlike vinyl you won’t stick to it as much.
  • attach a battery operated fan to your armrest or control panel.
  • opt for loose clothing.
  • Don’t sit on your slings in your chair, it will make you sweat more.
  • attach a water bottle holder within reach so that you can stay hydrated.
  • Again insert cool packs into your splints if you wear them.

I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather, just make sure to stay sun safe 😊