The arts past and present: OU

Dear readers,

Today my friend came over and helped me deal with my OU text books which I had been drowning in since they arrived… had I bitten off more than I could chew? The answer is no. Once she’d broke it down and explained it, it became a lot easier to deal with.*smug grin* I’ve actually started prepping for my first assignment and classes don’t actually start till October.

Tips for OU

  • Get a diary set up – this needs to contain all your cut off dates (preferably a day to view) in one colour, your personal appointments in another, an assignment count down and the days that you study write down what you hope/have achieved.
  • Your assessment guide is your bible – WHAT is the question asking you to do? Highlight the key words. Focus on one assignment at a time. It also provides info on submission format and plagiarism.
  • Use apps like Ref me when providing your sources, it practically does what you need it to do.
  • Get organised – what books do you need to complete your assignment? (set them apart from the others so it doesn’t overwhelm you.) Get a USB, a good laptop and a notebook. All this needs to be in a quiet place where you can concentrate.
  • Don’t worry about the activities, your not marked on them and technically there’s nothing to say their compulsory. I would focus on the assignment but, if you have time to do them, great! They’ll help your learning in prep for the assignment.
  • Be disciplined, as I’m practically housebound I’ve decided on doing four hours a day, three days a week. Make sure it’s a productive session and get what needs to be done and if it’s complete earlier than that’s an added bonus.
  • Bookmark all websites you use.
  • Highlight info in all you need your assignment in the designated chapters for the assignment.
  • Don’t copy word for word, if you don’t understand the sentence – get a dictionary and thesaurus.
  • Make use of class forums/group chats and help each other.
  • Right! Let me crack on!
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