Something someone has told you about yourself.

So today’s quote is from my mother and it’s actually written in the back of one of my many notebooks. She said,

Keep up the positivity and write what you believe and love what you do. – Mum, 2016

My mum, on the whole, is my greatest source of motivation and her childhood memories and anecdotes from the toil of the workplace give me the greatest information.

However, when political writer Oliver Bullough’s came and did a workshop (signed his copy of his book for me!) he said,

It doesn’t matter what you write, write what you love, if it pisses off the gits then that is a bonus.



A person who doesn’t travel, only reads one page of a book.

I really want to visit Amsterdam and I’m planning a trip with my dad. (We’re not close so I’m hoping this will bring us closer – I want to try!) I want to scoop up the tulips, try some weed and visit all the sex museums, it’s a shame the Anne Frank house isn’t accessible. I also want to go to the restaurant that was in The Fault in The Stars

The second place I’d love to go to is Barcelona. I’m learning Spanish on the iPad and I enjoy yet. I’d love to see the Spanish Steps, see a bullfight and a Flamenco.

The third place I’d like to visit in Germany. I’m just curious about the culture.

The fourth place would be Scotland. It’s where my step dads from. I’d love to visit Loch Ness, visit the Edinburgh festival, Mahogany. Read Burns poetry, pick thistle, that sort of thing.

The last to place I’d love to visit is Ireland. I’d love to drink Guinness, watch Irish dancers, visit old bookshops of poets gone by. I want to kiss the Blarney Stone and walk the Giants Causeway.

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ME Tips – A survivors Guide

Tips are my own and may not work for everyone – consult your doctor before making any major changes to diet or medications.

  • Organise your medication for the week – I’m ashamed to say my mother does this for me. It’ll be easier especially during brain fog where you don’t have to think of what tablet to take.
  • Say there’s a TV show you want to watch at 9pm but it’s too late for you? Well take an hour and half nap in the early afternoon because you’ll be refreshed but by the time 9pm rolls around you’ll be tired enough to sleep through the night later on.
  • Don’t beat yourself up about flare days or having to cancel on friends – they should love you enough to understand, you already feel guilty and you don’t need added pressure on top.
  • Make the most of good days even if it’s just a walk outside
  • If you’re like me and whilst your body hurts but your mind is racing, let audiobooks/colouring become your best friend or treat yourself to s Netflix subscription.
  • Natural sunlight is the best medication – typically the more vitamin D I have the more improved my ME is.
  • Understand what’s a flare and what’s not – a diary is a helpful thing to have especially when visiting the doctors.
  • Flick the bird when someone says ‘Your illness isn’t real.’ You live it, they don’t.
  • Keep hydrated
  • Regular toilet visits help especially with all the meds.
  • Antidepressants help – an invisible illness is hard to deal with
  • Don’t get your hopes up about trials and new research.
  • Connect with the chronic illness community on social media – you are not alone!

Book Review: A step closer to Falling

This novel is told from the viewpoint of Emily about her and Scott’s community service, helping a group of adults with learning difficulties in a relationship class.

The reason for this? They didn’t come to Belinda’s rescue.

Belinda, a teen at Emily and Scott’s school also has learning difficulties and because of an infatuation, she heads to the school football game where the incident happens.

Through Belinda, we see the contributions leading up to this: an obsession with Pride and Prejudice and being too easily trusting. Tired of being overruled by her protective Nan and Mother. Just because the incident happened doesn’t mean her life should stop.

As Emily and Scott complete their course, things begin to spark between them. Can admitting what happened to Belinda and the courage they see in class admit what they’ve been feeling?

Is tough guy Scott all he seems?

Will Belinda find happiness?

Will Emily see beyond the surface?

My Verdict: I expected nothing less from McGovern n, the subject of disability is handled delicately as well as relationships and sexual harassment. Beautifully written. With a beautiful message of equality without coming across as patronising

Genre: Young Adult/Relationships

Rating: 5/5