The Fashion expert: An interview with Zahra Parry

Hi Z, so what made you want to be fashion blogger and makeup artist? I realised I wanted to be a make-up artist when I applied for an assistant MUA role for a short film, I’d always had an intrest in make-up and was obsessed with putting it on myself, so i decided to apply and I worked under a professional for a week, I loved the craft of it and even more so the creative enviroment of being on set. Fashion blogging is somewhat new to me, I just found I was getting a lot of questions about where I got my clothes, and getting alot of compliments over the years on my style. So ive just started posting #ootd’s on instagram at he moment but eventually I’d like to start vlogging about fashion tips and make fashion hauls.

What’s your top five beauty products? 1. revlon colourstay foundation , this is my day to day foundation and It’s amazing because it’s affordable, full coverage and durable! 2. Mac strobe cream– I love this as a primer before foundation it gives you a dewy finish and makes your skin glow! 3. Urban decay allnighter setting spray– this is a lifesaver, by far the most effective of setting sprays! 4. becca cosmetics champange pop highlighter– i have no words because it’s so beautiful, natural looking highlighter that really exentuates the high-points of your face. 5. mac studio fix pressed powder– essential on set! male or female, this powder is perfect for taking out the shine or giving cast a flawless finish on screen.

Where do you mainly get your clothes from? I previously worked for Topshop, most my clothes are from there because of the cheeky discount, but I also love Zara and H&M.

What’s your favourite fashion trend for autumn? I love love LOVE the check pieces coming through this autumn, it screams clueless and that’s one of my favourite films!

5) Makeup/style inspirations? Style inspo is really hard because my style changes with every season but I would say probably Olivia Palermo for A/W, Vanessa Hudgens for S/S. Make up inspo would have to be some of the looks created by @makeupbyariel on Shay mitchell, and @makeupbymario on Kim kardashian.

what’s your worst fashion disaster? I’ve had so many, mainly because I’m so clumsy! The worst would have to be when I wore a leather skirt and fishnets to Radio1’s Big Weekend back in north wales, trying to acheive that rocky/festival look I had thaught that a leather skirt was a great idea for a day of 30 degree heat I chafed so much my legs started bleeding and I had so go home and miss RIHANNA!

what’s the worst makeup trend? Contour, I feel strongly that contour is something ypu should only apply if really needed or in a drag show.

what’s your dream job? I’m still not sure, I just KNOW that I’m

supposed to be in television and media. I’m one of those people who wants to be good at everything so I have a choice!

favourite fashion magazine? Back in the day I used to read LOOK magazine weekly! Now I dont read most magazines because the content is so extremley focused on womens physical apperance and celebrity sex lives and scandals that it’s so un-intresting to me. I watch alot of vloggers and read blogs instead

contouring yay or nay? Yay on Drag queens, Nay otherwise.

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