Book Review: Two by two


Two by two is written from the view point of father Russ, struggling to catch a break. Mortgaging the house to fund his new advertising business was the straw that broke the camels back.

His wife Vivian starts to become cold and distant and Russ struggles to navigate the tricky waters. Soon his wife drops the bomshell that she’s leaving him for his ex boss… whilst wanting custody of their beautiful daughter London.

Life as a single parent isn’t easy for Russ and things become even more complicated when ex girlfriend Emily, now a mother reconnects.

Like his business can he be a phoenix and rise from the ashes and raise a young lady?

With the help of his big sister Marge and girlfriend Liz along with his parents he’s damn well going to try. However a family crisis rocks everybody to the core.

My verdict: It was so refreshing to have a single fathers viewpoint. Whilst the main theme is love and separation, Sparks intertwines smaller issues in the big picture. Overall, beautifully written, definitely film adaptation worthy.

Rating: 5/5

Genre: Family and relationships.

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