Flash Fiction

Why the fuck was my scumbag of a dealer here? I slam on the brakes and shut the door. He made my blood boil. Now I knew why I had been invited; she wanted money for spice. Well no not today I get back in my Chevy and drive leaving behind a cloud of dust. If I’d of gone in there I may have well snorted it for.

I don’t know why I followed the pixie foot prints but, I did. As the snow had started yo melt I could see that we were in a familiar pine forest. As I rounded the corner, I saw pixies darting about and the entrancing sound of pan pipes. A smile greeted me, on old friend. The centaur with its bedraggled red scarf looked at me. I knew that Narnia needed me once more.

Ooh! Amazon have come along way! I open the svelte velvet box and saw a square diamond ring – another one from her suitors. Hadn’t they got the message by now? The elegant band was to be a new addition with the others stored away in her safety deposit box it would buy a new life if I needed a quick getaway. To woo the rich was not to her, considered ‘gold digging, merely, survival.

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