Pet Peeves

Good morning readers,

Interesting topic today, so I would prepare yourselves for a rant.

  1. I hate being called Rachel, I much prefer Rach or Raimie as that’s what my mum wanted to call me (named after her childhood cabbage patch doll) but, my father being the drama king that he is thought I was going to die and registered my name without talking to my mum first. Rachel is just too formal and I’m not keen on being named after that bitchy chick on Friends. My middle name is cool though as I’m named after Ellen Degeneres and she’s one cool cat.
  2. The feel of wool or cotton wool, it just sets my teeth on edge.
  3. Loud noises – It’s a trait of cerebral palsy meaning I hyperventilate over balloons and fireworks aren’t my friend. Picture the scene: I pick up my tea cup with shaky hands and if the room is quiet somebody only has to sneeze or cough and the cup ends up on the floor and perhaps the one time I get the perfect tea, it ends up all on my clothes with my Mum saying (even though I have no control over this) What did you do that for.
  4. Text speak and people texting whilst walking in front of you. Whatever happened to being in the moment?  and I don’t know talking around the dinner table about the butterfly you saw instead of instagramming it just so you get one like off of your second great aunt.
  5. Someone saying lol out loud. You have no idea about how ridiculous you sound.
  6. Someone spoiling a book ending and making huge dog ears in books – you just neatly fold the corner not the whole page.

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