Write about someone you admire

I admire many people and I think you all a sick of me writing about my mum, so today I chose Demi Lovato.

For those of you who don’t know, Demi started out on Barney aged 4 and then rocketed to fame on the Disney channel.

She has since used her experiences in rehab for addiction and eating disorder issues, to highlight the importance of mental health. Demi has bipolar and is an avid campaigner for those who are generally misunderstood because of their mental health and fights for those who still go untreated. She even co owns a CAST treatment centre in a LA.

Through all the things she has to deal with she has produced six wonderful albums that chart her life experiences. She’s even produced her own documentaries, Stay Strong and Simply Complicated. Aside from this she has also produced a book of positive affirmations (which I use daily) to help fans stay positive. Demi is often going on trips to Africa and supporting water schemes and even selling bracelets made by African women she vists at her concerts supporting women’s independence.

I chose Demi because she is a huge part of my life and even influenced me musically when I sang. If I can make a little difference in this world and turn my worst experiences into positive lessons, then I’d be happy.

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