Fashion Friday: miss Marple goes modern

Perfect for your inner sleuth


call the midwife fanfiction – project I’m desperate to finish once book 2 is done

I’m starting off with Trixie overtired and attending a premature birth on a stormy night with a cankerous mother in law – will there be consequences?

I’d love to turn it into a novel and each girl have a own book in the series…

Note: I do not own the rights to CMT but my inspiration comes from the books/BBC drama/Heidi Thomas and cast/ the time period 1962.

New Project: ME Diaries 2019 – Get involved and raise awareness!

M.E or Chronic fatigue effects 250,000 people in the UK. But, it’s not considered a ‘real illness’. So this book is for anybody going through the early stages of this condition, family members and for the Warriors themselves to raise awareness of this not so invisible illness. – Real People – Real stories! Imagine being in your teens/ a young adult/ an elderly person who should being enjoying life, suddenly you’ve got a loss of mobility, extreme pain and brain fog that feels like a 24/7 hangover. You have to decide between showering or going out. Your friends don’t understand and want you to ‘snap out of it’ and you suddenly have to rely on family members for basic things whilst trying to go to school or work.

Imagine being told by the doctor that there is no definite diagnosis or medication as well as dealing with the stigma of being lazy.
These stories want to give you a new perspectives on invisible illness and change one persons outlook one at a time, as well as supporting each other. Don’t feel sorry for us nor try to empathise as you can’t. We are not people who want a round of applause for staying up past 8pm nor being patronised as if we’re feeble ‘miracles’, we are just people who want their illness to be valid and just want to achieve the same goals except, we just have extra challenges which make achieving the goals more satisfying. (Blurb of book on wattpad.)

If you have ME and want your story in this book, please email: with the subject: ME diaries. Include: 

  • Your age (15 and over)
  • Location
  • A picture of yourself
  • Any social media handles
  • Your story! (When were you diagnosed/how/symptoms/ effect on your social life/people’s attitudes towards you/family impact/ a typical day in the life)

How to get soft Skin like Annie May in carefree and consequence (Essentially my regime)

What you’ll need

A warm flannel soaked with face wash (I love using Chien by Lidl.)

E45 cream

Marc Jacobs body lotion

Hydrocortisone Cream

A paper face mask if you want (I use the Korean herbal ones on Amazon)



Body scrub


How To:

Have a steaming hot shower using a good body scrub to freshen you up. Steam is very good at opening up your pores.

Make sure you take care of any eyebrow and ‘garden maintenance’ if this a special night. ☺️

Shave legs from ankle to knee – pay no attention to the adverts with smooth thighs (it’s all airbrush)

Shave arms and applying a cream like deodorant such as Mitchum

Scrub your feet with a pumas stone – clip toe nails and finger nails.

Now on to your face

Firstly always use a fresh flannel (even when you wash it after using it, it can still harbour germs.) Apply some warm water and throughly lather the face wash. When washing focus on your T Zones.

Next apply a thick layer of hydrocortisone cream around your cheeks and sides of your face in a circular motion. Apply to any other dry areas such as the forehead or bridge of your nose. Let it soak in for 20 minutes.

Cover your body in E45 cream, giving extra attention to sensitive areas if just been shaved. Focus on hands, elbows and heels – non scented is kinder to skin. Wipe off any excess hydrocortisone cream and swipe a little moisture under under the eyes and under your nose and Cupid’s bow to act as a natural highlighter.

Apply lip balm (I love a tinted one)

Then slather yourself in Marc Jacobs body lotion – apply face mask in the evening for 20 minutes and go to bed feeling spa like pampered.

TIP: A good makeup primer is essential; I recommend MUA hydro gel and a good and Ganier Water

Writing Anniversary 

four years I started my writing journey.

This photo below is a typewriter my friend Lynda gave me and is a lovely piece of inspiration in my room.

Without writing in my life I wouldn’t have met so many lovely people and had fab experiences. Thank you to my mum for all those years when I was naughty, instead of the naughty step I was placed at the table to write stories (a consequence I really enjoyed!)