Rachel Marie Update.

My back has been bad this week, I couldn’t bend or twist. By Tuesday I can’t take it anymore so the doctor prescribes me Diazepam, it’s eased off a little now but the cold weather isn’t helping.

I’m still backed up like a New York sewer…. ugh it’s a catch 22 with meds!!

I’ve started working on freelancing/proofreading and I’m enjoying it. I ❤️ the feedback on my blog!!

Don’t forget you can message me any time if, you’d like me to give my opinion on a certain topic… but for now, I must nap.

I am also happy to report that I’ve sold 13 copies of my book so far, I’m told that because I don’t have a huge profile or following that it’s pretty good going!! Don’t forget to buy your copy too. Just head to the page on my blog. Don’t forget that I’ll be doing an interview with Spoonie Association very soon.

Cannot wait to have my wheelchair assessment next Friday and talk to my social worker about reinstating my night care and living independently.


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