Writing journal entries 2017

these at least three years old

Thursday 10th September

When I write, I get a sense of euphoria. It’s like I don’t have to think about what to say, words just flow from my pen like a river runs through the steam. It’s as if I can truly say what I want without hurting anyones feelings. Instead of just having foot in the mouth I can rewrite. I guess you could all this entry a colloquial stream of consciousness.

Saturday 12th September.

Today, I woke up this morning to find myself in a mess, I only broke wind and it seemed had a

bowel movement in my pyjamas. Half an hour later, 20 wet wipes, a cold flannel, a few swear words from my carer and a clean pair pyjamas I was downstairs swallowing each of my eight tablets which I know will make a reappearance later and watching last nights second half of Corrie. Safe to say I was absolutely zombied. I had a little nap and later on my auntie Lainey popped round with a canvas she painted for me. its wonderful with all it’s pinks and blues, my writing inspiration. I then watched the gory but gripping Ripper Street with the delicious Adam Rothberg and marvelled at the victorian forensic science and even transgender issues! I then sank into a glorious bubble bath with my latest Adele Parks novel. Not long after I was back on the throne.. urgh! I write now in bed snuggled up in my duvet after a chat with my best mate and an impromptu football soiree.

Today has been full of colour; brown, blues and pinks, bloody red and soccer green!

Sunday 13th September.


filled with giggles and

the taste of ice cream

at the beach.

Filled with sorrow

because we don’t

want it to be



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