For those who still haven’t bought Carefree And Consequence

and for Fhose who haven’t got round to purchasing their copy yet, I’m copying you in again to.see you don’t forget. Otherwise you’re missing out on the steamy romance and the first chapter is not to be missed!

Kindle copy £1.99 (Make sure your kindle is switched on to automatic updates, for you to receive error-free an manuscript and bonus content too)

and paperback has increased to £4.75 due to extra content and font size.

The paperback version will be available to purchase tomorrow or this evening at the very latest please keep an eye out

3 thoughts on “For those who still haven’t bought Carefree And Consequence

    1. It’s 1950 and young couple, Annie May and Lewis have just left high school. A night on the beach will change their lives forever.. can they handle the consequences? Annie May is a prim young lady who now has to deal with her fall from grace and finds not everything in the world is easy especially, without money. Lewis has always been one of the guys but now it’s time for him to grow up and be a man. However, whilst under the pressure to provide for Annie May he makes a choice that could end his whole relationship. Meanwhile, their gang of friends seem to be moving on with their lives and the young couple feel trapped… can they pull through?

      A romantic drama about action and consequences


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