My favourite authors

Happy Monday guys!! Here’s my top 10 authors (including children’s authors) and my favourite book they’ve written.

  1. Jaqueline Wilson – mm.. hard to pick as she was a massive part of my childhood. I’d have to say Queenie as it deals with hospitals in the 1950’s.
  2. Jenifer Worth – Call the midwife. Again a novel set in the late 40’s/50’s about midwifery but also about life in the east end.
  3. Jodi Picoult – The storyteller. I read this in day and follows the story of a former SS officer seeking forgiveness from a Jewish woman. Two other books of picoults I’m fond of are Leaving Time, which deals with childloss and Small Great Things which deals with modern day racsism and white supremists.
  4. William Horwood – Skallagrigg. A story from a point of view of a boy with a disability and his life in an institution.
  5. Diane Chamberline – Pretending to dance. Fans of Picoult will like this as the writing and subject is similar.
  6. Jenny Colgan – Little school by the sea. My ideal bit of romantic fluff.. ST Claire’s for grown ups.
  7. Emma Kennedy – The tent bucket and me. A laugh out loud comedy biography of holidays in the 70’s!
  8. Ellie Dean – Beach View Boarding House. The saga is ideal for fans of 1940’s fiction. The new book is out Thursday, needless to say I’m excited.
  9. Jody Klaire – Above and beyond series. Queen of lesbian fiction and the supernatural.
  10. Danielle Paige – Dorothy must die. 1984 for teens! Plus it brings back the escapism that WOOz brought us.

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