Biographies Jan 2017

Seeing as my creative writing partner has to write my biography about me I’d thought I’d post 15 facts about me: 

Okay so answer one: I was born in the princess of Wales hospital, 26/3/98 12 weeks premature. My mum wanted to call me Raimie my dad Rachel.

2. Nicknames: Chichonwheelz/rainbow.

3. Inspirational person: my mother for giving up three years of my life when I went down hill.

4. Favourite subject: English.. it’s my release.

5. Inspirational family member: my great grandmother who lived through a war. Buried her daughter and her granddaughter.

6. Teen idol: Zac Efron/ John Travolta 

7. Dream: To be a published author 

8. Favourite book: Skallagrigg by William Horwood as it’s about institutions in the 70’s and disability.

9: Favourite artist: Demi Lovato

10: I am a geek

11: Favourite film: Hairspray

12. My favourite season is winter

13.First love: Someone I want to forget but I can’t, however it was for the best that we finished.

14. Shown I’ve been loved: mum gave up three years of career to care for me whilst I went for an op.

15. Fears: The muppet wolf/my mum dying.
Lastly, I’ve finished Jodi picoult’s new novel so look out for a book Review of: Small Great Things on Friday! 


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