Any Cerebral Palsy bloggers out here?


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I am 21 and wheelchair-bound so anybody need some advice feel free to contact me.


8 thoughts on “Any Cerebral Palsy bloggers out here?

  1. Hi Rachel. Just started a blog. I was born with spastic diplegia Cerebral Palsy. 62 years old and consider myself an adapted athlete. You and I share not only CP but a middle name.

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    1. https://wwwConsequence-Rachel-Marie/dp/

      Please purchase my novel A great summer read for lovers of #romance it had another 5 star review this week too. – My name is Rachel Marie, I am 21 from south Wales. This is my first romance novel and will be developed into a series. I have quadriplegic cerebral palsy as well as arthritis, scoliosis and chronic fatigue syndrome. I also run a blog


  2. Oh my goodness Rachel. My middle name is Marie as well. No Kimberly…just Kim Marie. I have good friends in Pembrokeshire. They have a Bread and Breakfast there.

    I will definitely be looking for your new novel. Love me a good romance.


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