For any of my friends on SOCIAL MEDIA who are unfortunate to have IBS (constipation), I may have found magic in a bottle for you. My step Nan’s bowel surgeon recommended drinking probiotic drinks such as Actimel to help with IBS as it adds good bacteria to your system. It’s like drinking a watery strawberry yoghurt. It’s best to drink it first thing in the morning so it has the the chance to work through your system. I HAVE BEEN REGULAR FOR 3 DAYS! (I have started eating more salad and fruit though) BUT JESUS CHRIST! I HAVE NEVER FELT SO HAPPY. AND I ATE PASTRY TODAY AND GUESS WHAT? NO FLARE!! Lord rejoice! Glory Hallelujah!

Thank you to that little bottle, my taste buds can go adventures.

2 thoughts on “IBS RELIEF IN A BOTTLE 2014

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