Sneak Peak of Carefree and Consequence

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Chapter One: Summer Nights

The sunset glowed the sky was pink and the air was warm and still. Lewis Alexander and Annie May Davies were sitting on a rug on the beach, where they had first met (arm in arm). Lewis’s Brown leather jacket was draped over her shoulders and Lewis’s jeans were rolled up as the water lapped at his feet.

“I can’t believe we left Dale High six months ago.” Annie May sighed as she stared out at the shimmering sea. “Do you miss it?”

Lewis turned to her, his blue eyes dazzled as the last light of the sun caught them. He gave a slight smile and shrugged. “Yeah, in a weird way though. I miss seeing the guys every day, they are all busy workin’ at Carvelli’s Auto shop, lucky for them. What did I do? Got an A in track, that’s what. Now I ain’t got no job and I only see them on Sundays.”

He turned away from Annie May’s obvious disappointment She stared into the sand whilst Lewis skipped a rock. Did he think it was her fault? Maybe. After all, he had only started track to stop her from dating that simpleton Tom.

“It’s okay, Lewis.” She put her hand on his arm. He turned to her. “You’ll find something I’m sure and when you do it’ll be great!” She smiled. “Anyway you could be a… a famous race car driver. Then the boys would be fixing your cars. I remember §the way you drove at the South Carolina Chevy race last month!”

Her mischievous smile and over the top enthusiasm made him burst out laughing.

”Yeah,right, those tools would probably put the hubcap on backwards.” That playful glint in his eye was back. He pulled Annie May onto his lap and wrapped his arms around her. He kissed the top of her head. “I hope so, Annie May, I really do. I want this…us,” he clasped her hands. “to work out. I never ever wanna disappoint you again.”

“You won’t.” She reached up and whispered in his ear. “But you have forgotten it’s our first year anniversary?” She pulled out half a bottle of red wine and a couple of delicious Twinkies from beneath the rug. It’s a wonder Lewis hadn’t noticed

“Annie, oh, Annie May, baby, I’m sorry.” He blushed and babbled an apology. “I’m sorr-”

Urgently she kissed him into silence “Don’t be.” She started to open the wine and unwrap a few Twinkies. “I know leaving the boys has been hard so I didn’t want you to feel any pressure to do anything fancy. I just thought it could be simple, no frills.”

Lewis looked at her in surprise, a nervous smile played on his lips. Annie May was never this spontaneous. “Hey, Einstein, how’re we supposed to drink this wine? We got no cups and anyway I thought you didn’t drink?” He arched a brow, twirling the bottle in his hand.

“Let’s act like pirates and take swigs from the bottle! You changed me, Lewis, life at Dale changed me.” She ran circles over his chest with her finger.

“Bottoms up, Miss Annie.” He offered her the bottle. Annie May regarded it carefully but nevertheless took a small swig and hiccupped.

Lewis grinned. “Okay?”

“Okay.” She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. They feasted on several Twinkies and passed the bottle of wine back and forth until there was only a drop left.

The sun had gone now and there was a slight chill in the wind and, Lewis and Annie were both tipsy from the wine so the chill didn’t bother them. They started running around the beach, Annie May giggled and Lewis swung her around in the surf. They fell into the soft cool white sand soaked to the skin.

They both exchanged a glance, they both knew it was the right time and so Annie May became very coy and couldn’t quite meet his eyes.

“You ready?” He whispered. He cupped her chin, stroking her cheek with his thumb. “We’ll take it slow, I promise.”

She nodded and slowly began undoing Lewis’ shirt. She leaned in as he left a trail of soft kisses down her neck.

“It’s only once,” he murmured. “Nothing can happen.”

She nodded again.

He began to take off her cardigan and shirt, fumbling with her bra catch. Their clothes fell onto the sand. Their kissing became more urgent, their bodies moving into one.

For Annie May this moment was both pleasurable and terrifying. When Lewis parted her legs and gently coaxed himself inside Annie May, her moans were a mixture of ecstasy and pain. It felt like fireworks.

She dug her fingernails into Lewis’s scalp. whilst he murmured sweet things into her breasts, Annie May let out a giggle, Lewis’s hot breath was tickling her ears as brushed kisses from her neck to her stomach. Annie May was in heaven. She let out a nervous laugh. She knew what they were doing was wrong. She wanted to stop when she felt the soreness between her thighs. But, somehow it felt oddly right, after all he did really love her.

Their legs and arms moved of their own accord. Grabbing skin, touching each other wherever possible. It felt to her like they had truly become one. This night had been unplanned and simple yet it was perfect. There were no frills and no pressure. As the sky turned dark, She fell asleep in his arms. If she could have frozen this night and kept it forever, she would have.

A few hours later, as the sun rose, they wandered back to Lewis’s Chevy. She felt as though she was walking on stars.

She looked back at the only reminder of this night, a trail of Twinkie wrappers on the beach and the empty bottle of wine now filled with sand. Their night had been blissful, still she wondered how much trouble it would cause. Had it been worth it?

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