Why did I write carefree and consequence

I bet you will wonder what made me write this book, am I right? Well I wrote this book because I missed lighthearted reading so I created something that I can enjoy the others could enjoy because sometimes some books get too heavy. It’s great that we can talk about a variety of subjects that weren’t necessarily being published 10 years ago or so but what happened to light fiction?

Also at the time of writing I didn’t have many friends so I’ve created a world and characters that made me feel safe. I was going to rough time with school but focusing on writing this book and escaping while writing gave me something else to focus on.

I don’t have grand illusions of it being a New York Times bestseller but I hope it provides some light-hearted escapism. Even if you read a chapter a night you go to bed with sweet dreams and don’t have to worry about tomorrow. This book let’s you recharge your batteries whilst reading.

I just enjoy telling stories and if they help people that an added bonus. I remember that this is my debut novel so it’s not going to be heavy, I need to establish myself as a writer first gain respect before I can produce anything groundbreaking.

My advice to my readers right now? Enjoy my light fiction stage because there be some heavy hitters coming your way in the future and then you’ll see my serious side.

Get the first of my light reads here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07MF1XV2N/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_i_EgnmCbQBWRPGJ 3670F398-9AB6-4BF7-B32E-0935F16666CC


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