Things to do to get yourself ready for Halloween πŸŽƒ

  1. Start watching scary movies
  2. Gather a spooky playlist
  3. Brush up on your ghost stories
  4. Practice your pumpkin carving
  5. Watch spooky TV shows like the Chilling adventures of Sabrina on Netflix.
  6. Practice some wicked treats (Skeleton cookies, Finger sandwhiches, pumpkin pasties)
  7. Watch and read all the Harry Potter series
  8. Start researching your perfect costume
  9. Watch the Thriller Music Video
  10. Start weaving spooktacular puns and jokes into conversation.
  11. Research Wicca
  12. Go on a ghost hunt
  13. Go to a physic night
  14. Do a ouji board
  15. Stay overnight in a haunted house.
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