How I spend my time

If I had a spare hour I would:

  • Watch an episode of Waterloo Road
  • Go for a walk
  • Write 500 words of second book
  • Read a chapter of my book/magazine
  • Prep social media posts for the week
  • Meditate
  • Go on Pinterest for blog post inspiration.
  • Paint my nails/shave my legs.

If I had a spare afternoon:

  • Write a chapter of my book
  • Go to the cinema
  • Do a uni assignment
  • Update my blog
  • Have my hair done
  • Go shopping
  • Have coffee
  • Go to bingo
  • Have a massage
  • Do a craft project.

If I had a spare day:

  • Spend a day in a bookshop, browsing/writing and sipping tea
  • Do some baking
  • Go antique shopping
  • Finish my tapestry
  • Go on a coastal walk
  • Update journal with cut outs.

If I had a spare weekend:

  • Go see my sister
  • Go see a show in London
  • Go to Brighton
  • Go to the titanic museum
  • Go to Paris and see the art galleries
  • Go to the Haye literary festival
  • Go to the performance festival in Glasgow
  • Go to Amsterdam.

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