My Disability and Me: Things that people who use wheelchairs can relate too

  • Having blisters on your thumbs from self propelling yourself around.
  • Getting clothing caught in your wheels
  • People riding on the back of your chair 
  • Not being able to see through a crowd
  • Trying to drive a wheelchair and hold umbrella at the same time is an impossible task.
  • People turning on your manual wheelchair mode and leaving you stranded on purpose.
  • No matter how much padding you add your seat will never be comfortable or fit you just right.
  • Getting your hands jammed in doorways
  • People pushing your wheelchair without asking you first.
  • People making fun of you because your wheelchair is called a quickie.
  • Not being able to reach something on a high shelf
  • Being unable to pick something up off the floor after you’ve dropped it.
  • Place is saying they have wheelchair access but then they have a step in the way when you get there.
  • Massive curbs.
  • Cars parked over drop down curbs 
  • Your wheelchair being bashed around whenever it’s loaded onto a plane
  • The lack of wheelchair access abroad
  • Tiny disabled toilets that you can’t even swing a cat in.
  • People assuming it’s okay to use your wheelchair as the foot rest/bag holder.
  • Constantly having to deal with pathetic driver license jokes.
  • People thinking that the friends you’re with are your carers and that you can’t speak for yourself.
  • The pitying looks people give you when you’re out and about.
  • Being constantly told that you’re an inspiration.
  • The wheelchair repair service this being absolutely crap 
  • “My cousin is in a wheelchair, do you know him?”
  • The lack of wheelchair accessible transport.
  • People talking to you loudly and slowly 

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