Hello all,

It was suggested by a friend of mine that seeing as I spend a lot of time blogging and on social media that I start taking donations for site fees/advertising/Social media post mangers eg. Hootsuite and book promotions. Let me be absolutely clear YOU DON’T HAVE TO DONATE Only if YOU WANT Too and any amount I receive will be most welcome and only used for the reasons stated above.

So I have now created a donation button and added it to my page. I blog because it’s good for myself to have a purpose and help others with my experiences as well as offering solidarity. I don’t blog for fame or money (Although a little bit now and then would help) but because it’s where I can celebrate he joys of my life and it’s frustration with others who are in a similar situation.

Have yourself a merry Christmas and a happiest of new year!

Lots of love,

Rachel Marie xx

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