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DIY: Christmas mason jar

From: https://crazylittleprojects.com/christmas-treat-jars/ Supplies Needed: ◦ Jars (get them from a craft store or use baby food jars) ◦ Glitter-Red, white and brown ◦ Googly eyes ◦ Red pom pom ◦ Black ribbon ◦ Silver foam sheet ◦ Black beads ◦ Orange paper ◦ Decoupage ◦ Hot Glue ◦ Brown pipe cleaner Start out by covering… Continue reading DIY: Christmas mason jar

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Beauty DIY: coconut oil hair mask

From: https://theeverygirl.com/coconut-oil-honey-hair-mask/ 1 tbsp. Organic Coconut Oil 1 tbsp. Organic Raw Honey Sauce Pan Mixing Bowl Spoon Towel Shower Cap (optional) Mix the ingredients together and as an extra step to help your hair follicles open up, slightly heat the mixture up on a stovetop in a small sauce pan. Long or extra damaged hair?… Continue reading Beauty DIY: coconut oil hair mask

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Steal that style: Ariana Grande

I don’t own these images credit goes to Ariana GrandeYou've got one less problem now I've figured out how to get Ariana's outfit without the celebrity price tag. Granted those boots aren't Gucci like Ari's but you'll get the most bang for your buck, the money you could save on the designer boots you could… Continue reading Steal that style: Ariana Grande


Book review: Before I let you go by Kelly Rimmer

Genre: Family and relationship fiction Rating: 5/5 Plot: As children, Lexie and Annie were incredibly close. Bonded by the death of their beloved father, they weathered the storms of life together. When Lexie leaves home to follow her dream, Annie is forced to turn to her leatherbound journal as the only place she can confide… Continue reading Book review: Before I let you go by Kelly Rimmer

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Entertainment: TV to watch this Christmas

Fuller house season 9 - I'm waiting for part B to be released as I watch part A in one binge watch session last Friday, I'm not ready for it to end. Hilarious as always Family reunion Christmas special - Sourthern wholesome modern family Sugar rush Christmas edition - baking competition where they have to… Continue reading Entertainment: TV to watch this Christmas