Embroidery: Then and now

I started embroidery in August/September of 2019 the left picture is my first attempt of a rather haphazard floral display and the second picture is a red/pink/plum floral bouquet with a powder blue bow and olive green stems. As you can see my technique has become more refined and my seams a lot neater and straighter than my first attempt. I’m posting this because I’m constantly told by old teachers/consultants what I can and cannot do and that I ‘overestimate my abilities’. These pics prove that I can do whatever I wish when I put a little time/love/care/patience into something, even little things like this (my CerebralPalsy peeps will know and understand when I say how difficult /poor hand eye coordination/motor skills are!) The point of this post? I can do what ever I want to as long as I believe in myself and if people continue to tell me what I can and cannot do then I’m going to continue to prove them wrong and try and do it anyway, my way! Because as a wise teacher once told me: ‘ there is more than one way to skin a cat’

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