The start of my weight loss Journey and why

So yesterday I had a massive wake up call in regards to my weight, I nearly didn’t fit in my wheelchair and my parents have noticed that it’s harder to lift me. (Mums learnt the hard way as I’ve told her time and time again to hoist and now she’s hurt her back.)

Something needs to be done and the buck stops with me. I am cutting out my cheese and crackers and swapping them for Melba toast and cream cheese. Gone is the three chocolate oranges a week in favour of fat free yogurt and fruit. Gone are the nice biscuits, cinnamon buns and pretzels, ice creams, chips and spicy crisps.

I was eating over 3000 calories a day, that’s 1000 calories over what I should be eating and combine that with low mobility means my weight has ballooned.

I am now on a calorie deficit which means no more puddings, 10:30 and 3:30 snacks.

I know to my family this is extreme but it needs to be done. Because I cannot move around the less calories I take in the better so my body goes into a state of ketosis to aid weight loss.

This is not the start of an eating disorder or fad diet but a healthy and necessary lifestyle change. Everybody is built in different shapes and sizes and you should be confident and comfortable in your own skin and proud. But when it effects my health then something needs to be done.

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