Latest Redbubble designs – Go get them!

Click both images to be taken to my Redbubble shop

These designs are specifically created to help feel empowered in regards to their mental health / mental illness. These wise words we’re spoken to me by my favorite teacher. My mental health struggles have made me more resilient, sympathetic and empathetic to others ultimately guiding them through the difficult journey to be at peace with your body, life and circumstances. I incorporated the lotus flower/ water lily as because I know these are a symbol of peace in the mental health wellbeing community.

The second image is all about embracing and appreciating your surroundings and how logging off from social media/work can be beneficial to your wellbeing , both physical and mental. We need to spend more time connecting with others and creating beautiful memories to look back on when times are tough. So do me a favour, get outside, do a good deed and just show others you genuinely care about them. A life lived behind a keyboard and screen is no life at all. (and to prove my point and lead by example I will be logging off for the night and won’t be on the Internet until 9 o’clock in the morning. I will also spend some quality time with my mam)

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