Life in a wheelchair: A summary

Dear able-bodied people, this is the summary what it’s like to be in a wheelchair and I hope you never find yourself in that situation. But,if you do, be prepared to be the ‘inspiration’ to your friends, even strangers just for doing silly things like; taking a train ride without a ‘caregiver’. Of course you’ll face discrimination but of course ableism too and the list below is just a small insight:

1) When you take your wheelchair for repair, you won’t see it again for 300 years.

2) people immediately use singsong tone of voice when they see a person using wheels.

3) You always have to act grateful for help you didn’t need.

4) A shop isn’t accessible if it’s got a tiny step at the front.

5) People pat your head and bend down to you.

6) Don’t leave your chair in the sun, you’ll burn your bum when you get back in.

7) You will be confronted with the miracle in the alcohol meme and so called friends will find hilarious.

8) You always get the view of people’s behinds.

9) doorways being too small.

10) Ableism and inspirational porn.

At my mentors book signing

On this day my best friend gave me a typewriter; was the day I became a writer

The rest of thee photos show me in my wheelchair in New York City on a visit in 2014

All personal photos ©️ Rachel Marie.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and have learnt something from it. It is so easy to fall into these habits, people in wheelchairs are just people who want to get on with the day, not to necessarily be your inspiration or make you feel good about yourself if someone in a wheelchair is asking for help and doing it for praise or major props with friends and family. You don’t help someone because you feel sorry for them You do it just because you saw another person struggling to get through the day and needs a hand to make it better

You don’t get an instant helo around your head. Be aware of ableism, it can be very patronising and eeven border on bullying help us in the disabled community stamp it out by not doing the things on the above list.

Many thanks,

A Wheelchair user, who is also an author and has Chronic fatigue syndrome but she still remains to be bad ass with her humor and has a wardrobe bursting with vintage clothes… My friends think she has a shopping problem not just the vintage clothes for her on dying love for reading and needing a box to writing my friends think she has a shopping problem not just the vintage clothes for her undying love for reading and and need to buy notebooks to wwrite her short sttories in

By the way, my debut novel, carefree and consequence is available to buy on my blog for which will take you Amazon. The reviews speak for themselves. Available in paperback, hardback large print and, kindle. You don’t actually need a Kindle device to read this book you can just download it from your App Store. Or aask in your local library to order you a copy.

My second project is completing a list of writing prompts and putting them together in an anthology for sale. There are so many genres I can showcase then with this book. You can see my romantic side, you can see my funny side, you can see my spooky side, you can see mmy thriller side and you can see my serious side too. It will be a mixture of poetry and prose and trying to finish it by March 7 2021.

For now, go buy my book and see how you like my romantic side and love for the 1950s


Throwback Thursday: Pastel Princess

Outfit of the day: pastel princess

Skirt: Primark
Vest: Primark
Shoes: Primark
Cardigan: Cery’s Closet.

This is fast becoming a staple outfit in my wardrobe. The mini petticoat gives the modern tule skirt a vintage twist. The shoes are ballerina flats with a lace detail and the cardigan just tops off the outfit with its rose detail, tying in with the pink skirt. Full fringes are great for vintage looks.
If you want you could team with a pearl necklace and earrings to take it from casual to evening.

New Project: ME Diaries 2019 – Get involved and raise awareness!

M.E or Chronic fatigue effects 250,000 people in the UK. But, it’s not considered a ‘real illness’. So this book is for anybody going through the early stages of this condition, family members and for the Warriors themselves to raise awareness of this not so invisible illness. – Real People – Real stories! Imagine being in your teens/ a young adult/ an elderly person who should being enjoying life, suddenly you’ve got a loss of mobility, extreme pain and brain fog that feels like a 24/7 hangover. You have to decide between showering or going out. Your friends don’t understand and want you to ‘snap out of it’ and you suddenly have to rely on family members for basic things whilst trying to go to school or work.

Imagine being told by the doctor that there is no definite diagnosis or medication as well as dealing with the stigma of being lazy.
These stories want to give you a new perspectives on invisible illness and change one persons outlook one at a time, as well as supporting each other. Don’t feel sorry for us nor try to empathise as you can’t. We are not people who want a round of applause for staying up past 8pm nor being patronised as if we’re feeble ‘miracles’, we are just people who want their illness to be valid and just want to achieve the same goals except, we just have extra challenges which make achieving the goals more satisfying. (Blurb of book on wattpad.)

If you have ME and want your story in this book, please email: with the subject: ME diaries. Include: 

  • Your age (15 and over)
  • Location
  • A picture of yourself
  • Any social media handles
  • Your story! (When were you diagnosed/how/symptoms/ effect on your social life/people’s attitudes towards you/family impact/ a typical day in the life)

Biographies Jan 2017

Seeing as my creative writing partner has to write my biography about me I’d thought I’d post 15 facts about me: 

Okay so answer one: I was born in the princess of Wales hospital, 26/3/98 12 weeks premature. My mum wanted to call me Raimie my dad Rachel.

2. Nicknames: Chichonwheelz/rainbow.

3. Inspirational person: my mother for giving up three years of my life when I went down hill.

4. Favourite subject: English.. it’s my release.

5. Inspirational family member: my great grandmother who lived through a war. Buried her daughter and her granddaughter.

6. Teen idol: Zac Efron/ John Travolta 

7. Dream: To be a published author 

8. Favourite book: Skallagrigg by William Horwood as it’s about institutions in the 70’s and disability.

9: Favourite artist: Demi Lovato

10: I am a geek

11: Favourite film: Hairspray

12. My favourite season is winter

13.First love: Someone I want to forget but I can’t, however it was for the best that we finished.

14. Shown I’ve been loved: mum gave up three years of career to care for me whilst I went for an op.

15. Fears: The muppet wolf/my mum dying.
Lastly, I’ve finished Jodi picoult’s new novel so look out for a book Review of: Small Great Things on Friday! 

Achievements Jan 2017

  • Today I had a fabolous Creative Writing paper in which I had to introduce a character which was lovely as I chose to write in comedic prose.
  • I have made all my own appointments over the phone.
  • Have successfully completed two weeks of Slimming World
  • I have had my first cooking lesson and learnt how to make a chilly marinade and how to chop wedges.