Monday Rant: Staff ‘refused to let a severely autistic boy, 15, onto a Ryanair flight from Alicante after trying to charge his family a £25 carry-on fee for the teenager’s comfort doll’

This is ridiculous, nothing shows me with this airline. They are an utter farce. This poor family, not to mention how they ridiculed him in front other passengers. Travelling with a disability is hard enough. Don’t make it harder.

Well done Jet2 for stepping up to the plate. Compassion for disabled people and

anyone for that matter.

it’s incidents like this that put disabled people off of travelling.

We don’t need to more barriers, we need human common sense.

What do you think? Get involved in the comments.

If you are planning on travelling especially in a wheelchair please see my ‘ Travelling with a wheelchair tips’ post in the Disability category.


Mental Health Update

Dear readers,

Whilst my online persona and book are getting more recognition, it makes me happy for a second.

Then the gloom comes in. Whilst I’d love to get out independently this gloom hugs me tight like a weighted blanket and I don’t know why and finding it really hard to break free, no matter how much tough love I get, it makes me feel like a failure because I can’t even prove them wrong. Now usually that would give me the kick I need. I just don’t know what’s stopping me being bubbly…

The first step is to see the doctor. The second is to maybe see a counsellor? I think this is the first time where I’m envious of people enjoying their 20’s! For the first time ever my disability is controlling me instead of me calling the shots and that’s tough.

All I know is I have a great support system who may be frustrated but I know who loves me, even when they are being tough.

Phew, confession over! I know I need a cuppa (maybe joining slimming world will help give some confidence??

I know one thing, less TV and less junk food and a walk once a day before my uni degree starts and I’m swamped with work!

The fact that I know my signs of slipping are good so I can find away to fix them and go back to being me.

Take care of yourselves and be patient when loved ones are being tough – they don’t like seeing you go through this.



Health update

Well, I’m pretty much flaring everyday.

The doctors have upped my 12 hour MST to 40mg instead of 20mg and has it helped? No. Because of this dose change I now take Senna once a week. This week it’s taken me three weeks to go to the loo.

Have I heard about my injections? Nope. I’m ringing once a week now. I’m getting numb legs and arms at night and my sciatica is going off like fireworks.

I’m also getting really bad migraines so I’ve got an eye test Saturday and I keep feeling sick and wanting to sleep.

But, I am grateful for my family especially, my mum who’s most patient. She’s my angel. She’ll be exhausted from work but doesn’t mind running out to the shop to grab what I’m craving just so I eat.

Still waiting for a new wheelchair and then no more excuses I will be going out.

Updated? Good. I’m going to nap.

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’When a mothers love is not enough’ Youtube Tuesday’ Please watch!

BBC Documentary by Rosa Mockton she has a daughter who has Down’s syndrome, Dominica. This documentary follows families and what it’s like looking after a disabled child. One story made me cry with frustration. A single mum Asha told her story of how she fought for her teenage son’s nappy allowance to be increased from 3 a day to four. 4 NAPPIES A DAY. JESUS CHRIST! THAT’S BLOODY DISGUSTING! GOING TO THE TOILET IS A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT. YOU CAN’T LIMIT THAT. Meanwhile, her youngest son is being worn down and is subjected to bullying because he cares for his younger brother. THIS ISN’T RIGHT. WHY AREN’T FAMILIES GETTING THE HELP THEY NEED? SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY FUCKING WRONG. IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY.

typewriter-peach-2Video synopsis was written by Rosa Monckton: ‘Whilst making my first documentary for BBC OneWhen a Mother’s Love is Not Enough’, I exposed the battles that families face to get the basic care for their children. I saw just how isolated they are, how little help they get, and how exhausted they become in fighting to get what should be given to their children as an absolute right. I have received emails from families and carers across the country, desperate for help, and highlighting the lack of frontline services. There is a lack of common sense, an absence of compassion and a labyrinthine bureaucracy which is almost impossible to navigate. Initiatives spew out of Whitehall, but none of the money, or the services, seems to reach the families who are most in need. There is much to be done.’ PLEASE WATCH.