Relationship advice

  • Take it slowly (unless you’ve known and loved someone for 10 years)
  • Make sure you have common interests and hobbies that you can do together
  • Have patience and understanding
  • Don’t expect it to be like the movies
  • Respect each other’s opinions
  • Make big decisions together
  • Sometimes you’ll want space and that’s
  • healthy.
  • Have good communication and honesty – that’s the solid foundation for your relationship to blossom
  • A relationship will sometimes be like a rollercoaster ride but, if you love each other you’ll hold hands throughout the ride and survive.


Favourite Five Bloggers Friday

  1.– A mom?! more like a superhero?
  2. – Just one guy, his suitcase, good looks and humor as he explores our beautiful planet whilst giving a new pointofview.
  1. – Every little hint and trick a woman needs in regards to her beauty routine and overall lifestyle.– Sometimes it’s nice to have some out of the box inspiration for your monthly manicure. – A fellow writer still learning like me. Sometimes you just need to learn new tricks to add to your toolbelt

Monday Motivation/ My Goals for the month.

You can turn around an unproductive day, into a productive one so that when you fall asleep tonight you feel as though you’ve achieved something positive, you just have to want too.

My Goals for June

  1. Write the first chapter to C&C sequel – aim 5000 words
  2. Sell 10 kindle books
  3. Get up to 500 followers on Instagram
  4. Try and get out of the house at least 4x a week
  5. Complete student finance forms
  6. Create a study space, get a folder and notebook, print off syllabus

Music Monday: A romance mixtape

My Funny Valentine by Michael Bublé

Falling in love by Elvis Presley

Fly me to the moon by Frank Sinatra

Saturday night at the movies by The Drifters

In the still of the night by The Satins

Stand by me by Ben E King

Crazier by Taylor Swift

Slow dancing by John Travolta

Moonlight lady by John Travolta

Whenever I’m away from you by John Travolta

He’s a Tramp by Peggy Lee

Belle Notte from Lady and The Tramp

Photograph by Ed Sheeran


American girl by Carrie Underwood

Love Wins by Carrie Underwood

Body Say by Demi Lovato.

I have no idea why I’m in such a lovestruck mood. The world is beautiful and I’m lucky I get to live in it.. still single and proud though.

Fashion reminder: Handbags are seasonal too.

It’s time to put away those big bulky brown tote bags and swap it for something like colourful/floral/bamboo/style

My brown Carvella is safely stored away for winter when we carry a whole pharmacy in our bags and at least 1 smashed lipstick and broken compact, two broken umbrellas and if your studying maybe… some class notes/books/first aid kit/school supplies – keys, phone and deodorant and hair brush

Or you are one of these ‘mums never ending always prepared’ bag packers who’s bags are always kath Kidston. (that’s mainly me even though I haven’t got kids)

All I’m saying is you need to downsize your handbag and trim your necessities and brighten up your palate for the summer months ahead