How to help someone in when they are having bad anxiety

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Being Body confident and comfortable with your disability

typewriter-peach-2Guys and dolls! Hope your having a great summer! (I’m already on vacation.) A small thought that’s been niggling at me for a while; I’m not body confident. Now being 6ST 81bs people tell me ‘your not fat, you’ve got a lovely figure!’ Which is nice but I don’t see it that way. Now because I sit down my stomach is sort of ‘crushed’ making it look bigger than what it actually is which makes me feel bigger than what I am. However when I lie horizontally it looks normal, but off course we can’t lie down all the time right? Like it makes me not want to wear bikini tops or shorts because of course, your thighs expand when you sit down. I just wondered if anyone felt the same? Also I hate my legs because when I stand up or sit down they turn inwards! I’m also not fond of my cp toes either because they look rank and I can’t wear flip flops. Nor, can I wear heels because my feet don’t bend (unless I have an operation to correct them, which means only one foot can be done one at a time making it painful!!) I don’t really like my ‘cp hands’ either. In one of my mums wedding photos I’m hugging her and my hand is on her shoulder but again sort of curved inwards and stiff. I think there’s a lot of pressure on this generation to look a certain way. For example, I feel different to the other girls at school because I don’t wear makeup. It takes a lot of time to do it and concentration so I don’t have time to do it before I go to school unless my mum does it and I don’t like asking her to do it everyday because she’s got stuff to do, ya know? She ain’t got time to make look like Cara Delgvine. But don’t get me wrong there’s stuff I love about myself such as my eyes and dimples. I know I preach personality shines the brightest but sometimes it won’t if you look self conscious. Now I ain’t about to embark on no crazy juice diet. I just need to know someone else shares the same securities I do. Can anyone share any tips on being body confident and having disability? Keep calm, keep laughing, be happy, don’t stop fighting you can do it!!

7 self care tips

  1. Take time out to visit a friend to catch up.
  2. Incorporate two new healthy dinners into your meal plan.
  3. Lunch hour? grab sandwich and eat it in the sunshine at the closest green space to your work – read a chapter of that book you want to finish.
  4. To cut out any Twitter disturbance in bed, Switch your notifications to do not disturb on your phone that way you get a peaceful eight hours.
  5. Incorporate jogging for 10 ten minutes each day
  6. Start a new hobby
  7. Face a fear and keep an open and honest mind about it. You’re allowed to feel scared, lonely – you just need to figure out the reason why and then you solve the root of the problem.

New skin routine

I’m truly in 💖 with my new weekly/skin routine!! These @garnieruk sheet masks. I then finished off with @poundland witch hazel cleanser along with #porestrips and my @nivea_uk lip balm.

Skin before

The mask is so easy to apply especially for disabled people as they do not need assistance in applying it or taking it off… With no mess!

Hazel is so good all you need a few drops on a cotton pad, work into your face… tadah!!

The pore strips are cool because there’s no messy application and, of course I cannot live with my soft rose Nivea lip balm.

I then put Johnson and Johnson moisturer when my skin flares up (I have severe dermitits)

Marc Jacobs lotions on my hands and finally E45 on my arms, legs and feet.