The Audrey: Style inspiration

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About Audrey

  • Yes we all know that Marylin Monroe was the OG sex symbol but Audrey did so much more in her lifetime:
  • She was part of the Dutch resistance in World War II
  • Trained as a ballerina
  • She spoke four languages; German, French, Dutch and English.
  • Spoke up about the stigma of miscarriage
  • Champion of UNICEF
  • Fashion icon
  • Raised money for Cerebral Palsy charities
  • Well advertised in politics
  • Style inspiration for Gucci.
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    The modern pink lady: Style inspiration

    Shirt – £9.00 – H&M

    Jeans – £24.99 – H&M

    Pumps – £12.99 – H8M

    Bag -£17.99 – H&M

    Jacket £42 – Pretty little

    Necklace £6.00

    Blush – Benefit- £15.00

    Lipstick – £21.99 – Makeup forever

    Act cool, look cool, be cool. Til’ death do us part, think Pink! – Pink Lady pledge

    Pink lady rules

    Rule 1: Obey the Pink Lady Pledge: Act cool, look cool, be cool. Til’ death do us part, think Pink!

    Rule 2: At no time is a Pink Lady to become romantically involved with a non-T-Bird member. Restriction is rescinded only after graduation from school or expulsion. A Pink Lady will not date a: Jock, nerd, Preppie, anybody non-cool, or member of a rival school or gang. T-Birds, not Nerds!

    Rule 3: The Pink Lady jacket symbolizes that the wearer is the girlfriend / consort of a T-Bird member. Upon leaving the Pink Ladies under duress (violation of rules 1 and 2, expulsion, illness, death, school transfer) or personal choice, wearer must return the jacket to the T-Birds to avoid damaging said T-Birds’ reputations. `They got a Rep to protect’. Rep is everything.

    Rule 4: A Pink Lady must present herself in appropriate attire at school at all times – Pink Lady jacket a must! Flashy, seductive costumes are not allowed, as they allow non-T-Bird students (and other males, staff included) to see what is for T-Bird eyes only. Seductive attire appropriate only to be worn at functions if accompanied by their T-Bird escort / boyfriend.

    Rule 5: A Pink Lady is to have a cigarette and matches / lighter on her at all times, for herself – cigarette equals `cool’ – plus her fellow Pink Ladies and T-Birds (and favored Rydell staff) who might perchance wish to bum a smoke.

    Rule 6: No Pink Lady is allowed to interfere with other Pink Lady to T-Bird relationships. If the leader of the T-Birds is spoken for, unattached Pink Lady is not permitted to trespass on fellow Pink Lady relationship. If the leader of the T-Birds is available (Pink Lady girlfriend leaves – see rule #3), unattached Pink Lady may make advances on unclaimed T-Bird leader. See rule #4, apply it. The prettier the Pink Lady, the more interested the unattached T-Bird will be.

    Rule 7: Returning to Rule #2, Fraternization outside of T-Birds, if all members of the T-Birds are accounted for – have Pink Lady girlfriends – unattached Pink Lady must remain single. Addendum: If unattached Pink Lady has interest in non-T-Bird student, and wishes to pursue relationship with said student, see rule #3.

    Rule 8. Contrary to popular belief, (see Rydell school year 1958-1959 (Grease), Premarital `coupling’ (Sliding into home base – thank you, Louis DiMucci) isn’t a requirement for being a Pink Lady. Just don’t die a virgin or die wearing your mother’s underwear.

    Rule 9: If you’re a non-romantic friend of the Pink Ladies, you’re a friend for life. Friendship (non-fraternizational) may include nerd/brainiac (good for assistance with essays), and jock. NOT allowed: Gossip Girls (Patty Simcox), or annoying cheerleaders (Stacie & Gracie).

    ADDITIONAL – Added June 16, 1962 If unattached Pink Lady meets and falls for former-nerd-turned-badass-biker, who saved the butts of T-Birds and Rydell students, fraternization rules rescinded!! (Co-signed by Johnny, Goose, Louis, Davey, Stephanie, Sharon, Paulette, Rhonda, Dolores).

    Shop the look: Pretty in Pink

    This look is perfect for a fabulous casual first date or out for a shopping spree.

    Shop the look

    1. Pink sweatshirt – H&M – £17.99
    2. Dark jeans – H&M – £17.99
    3. Mascara – Sephora – £12.99
    4. Bene tint – Benefit – £12.99
    5. Pore Professional – Benefit – £12.99
    6. Rouge red tint – Sephora £12.99
    7. Shimmering sneakers – H&M – £14.99
    8. Shoulder bag – H&M – £17.99
    9. Necklace – Forever 21 – £6.00

    I LOVE THIS APP, SHOPLOOK is the NEW Polyvore! For somebody who has a disability this app is great because I don’t need to take photos of myself and change into copious outfits have which would be really difficult to me due to my dexterity and I would have to ask for help dressing. With this app because I can create looks for you and I’m not wasting energy.

    I totally recommend this for fashion bloggers especially if you have a disability and it’s hard to dress yourself or go shopping or numerous outfits.

    Images and graphics disclaimer.

    All my images come from and

    I don’t own these images and all credits go to the owners, thank you whilst I borrow them.

    For those that have asked I create my social media graphics using a web service called Canva, I make these myself with the help of templates. I consider myself a beginner when it comes to graphic design. If I use the persons work they will be credited in the post.

    Personal images from family photograph albums will be captioned with my initials underneath.

    Thank you,

    Rachel Marie

    What’s on my vanity table?

    1. Soap and Glory
    2. No 7
    3. Dove
    4. MUA
    5. Real technic brushes
    6. Daisy Dream perfume
    7. Tesco unscented facial wipes
    8. Younique foundation – organza
    9. DKNY makeup setting spray
    10. Maybeline blushed nudes pallet
    11. Maybeline baked bronzer
    12. Revlon Mascara
    13. MUA colour corrector
    14. Benefit Pore Primer
    15. Max factor lipstick (Matte)
    16. Hair ties
    17. Hair detangling spray
    18. Nivea Lipbalm

    And that is just a small selection of my collection! One day I’ll film you guys a tutorial.

    The Duchess of Sussex gives Fashion advice at charity event

    To have fashion advice from her would be a dream come true. Photographs from the Daily Mail.

    How to dress like the Duchess everyday

    • Black is definitely a staple in her wardrobe
    • A Trench coat is a must
    • Simple jewellery, nothing too flashy, Royals have to be rather reserved.
    • Nude heels
    • Fitted black trousers
    • Nude/black handbag
    • Keep your makeup simple.
    • Invest in chiffon blouses