Rachel’s Page Turning Recommendations

  1. The Perfect Child
  2. Dear Mrs Bird
  1. Smart Blonde
  2. The perfect murder (Character is Agatha Christie, in this series)
  3. A Curse so dark and Lonely
  4. The Gown (Fiction surrounding the making of the Queens wedding gown)
  5. The Dressmaker
  6. A lily in the light
  7. A Sister’s Sorrow
  8. Lullaby


Rachel’s Reccomended Reads

The Storyteller’s Secret: A Novel

The Perfect Child

A Daughter’s Courage: An utterly heartbreaking novel of family secrets, tragedy and love

Beneath an Indian Sky: A heartbreaking historical novel of family secrets, betrayal and love

The Lost Daughter of India: A heartbreaking novel of tragedy and secrets that will have you hooked

That’s Another Story: The Autobiography

The Dressmaker

A Talent for Murder (Agatha Christie 1)

A Different Kind of Evil (Agatha Christie 2)

As the Sun Breaks Through (The Cliffehaven Series Book 15)

The Woman on the Orient Express



Seasons in Time: (1940s Time-travel Romance) (Time & Again Antique Shop)

Bollywood Wives: An addictive, sexy, gripping thriller that will have you hooked

The Paris Seamstress: Transporting, Twisting, the Most Heartbreaking Novel You’ll Read This Year

Her Mother’s Secret

Cinderella’s Dress (Fairy-tale Inheritance Series Book 1)

Cinderella’s Shoes (Fairy-tale Inheritance Series Book 2)

Snow White’s Mirror (Fairy-tale Inheritance Series Book 3)

Kissed: Belle; Sunlight and Shadow; Winter’s Child (Once Upon a Time)

Once: Before Midnight; Golden; Wild Orchid (Once Upon a Time)

Fairytale: Escape with a Magical Story of Love, Family and Hope

The Secret Mother: A gripping psychological thriller that will have you hooked

The Surrogate: A gripping psychological thriller with an incredible twist

I love retold fairytales, stories about India, autobiographies, anything set in the 1940s, and I love psychological thrillers. Here is a few of my favourites for you to peruse… enjoy my lovelies!

You’ll be so proud of me as I’m a hoarder I managed to take some books that were taking up space in my room to the charity.

Biographies Jan 2017

Seeing as my creative writing partner has to write my biography about me I’d thought I’d post 15 facts about me: 

Okay so answer one: I was born in the princess of Wales hospital, 26/3/98 12 weeks premature. My mum wanted to call me Raimie my dad Rachel.

2. Nicknames: Chichonwheelz/rainbow.

3. Inspirational person: my mother for giving up three years of my life when I went down hill.

4. Favourite subject: English.. it’s my release.

5. Inspirational family member: my great grandmother who lived through a war. Buried her daughter and her granddaughter.

6. Teen idol: Zac Efron/ John Travolta 

7. Dream: To be a published author 

8. Favourite book: Skallagrigg by William Horwood as it’s about institutions in the 70’s and disability.

9: Favourite artist: Demi Lovato

10: I am a geek

11: Favourite film: Hairspray

12. My favourite season is winter

13.First love: Someone I want to forget but I can’t, however it was for the best that we finished.

14. Shown I’ve been loved: mum gave up three years of career to care for me whilst I went for an op.

15. Fears: The muppet wolf/my mum dying.
Lastly, I’ve finished Jodi picoult’s new novel so look out for a book Review of: Small Great Things on Friday! 

Achievements Jan 2017

  • Today I had a fabolous Creative Writing paper in which I had to introduce a character which was lovely as I chose to write in comedic prose.
  • I have made all my own appointments over the phone.
  • Have successfully completed two weeks of Slimming World
  • I have had my first cooking lesson and learnt how to make a chilly marinade and how to chop wedges. 

My favourite authors

Happy Monday guys!! Here’s my top 10 authors (including children’s authors) and my favourite book they’ve written.

  1. Jaqueline Wilson – mm.. hard to pick as she was a massive part of my childhood. I’d have to say Queenie as it deals with hospitals in the 1950’s.
  2. Jenifer Worth – Call the midwife. Again a novel set in the late 40’s/50’s about midwifery but also about life in the east end.
  3. Jodi Picoult – The storyteller. I read this in day and follows the story of a former SS officer seeking forgiveness from a Jewish woman. Two other books of picoults I’m fond of are Leaving Time, which deals with childloss and Small Great Things which deals with modern day racsism and white supremists.
  4. William Horwood – Skallagrigg. A story from a point of view of a boy with a disability and his life in an institution.
  5. Diane Chamberline – Pretending to dance. Fans of Picoult will like this as the writing and subject is similar.
  6. Jenny Colgan – Little school by the sea. My ideal bit of romantic fluff.. ST Claire’s for grown ups.
  7. Emma Kennedy – The tent bucket and me. A laugh out loud comedy biography of holidays in the 70’s!
  8. Ellie Dean – Beach View Boarding House. The saga is ideal for fans of 1940’s fiction. The new book is out Thursday, needless to say I’m excited.
  9. Jody Klaire – Above and beyond series. Queen of lesbian fiction and the supernatural.
  10. Danielle Paige – Dorothy must die. 1984 for teens! Plus it brings back the escapism that WOOz brought us.