My favourite books.

Goodness there are so many, it’s like asking me to pick my favourite child.

  • The Cliffehaven by Ellie Dean
  • Amy and Matthew by Cammie Mcgovern
  • The Rizzoli and Isles series
  • Wrapped up in you
  • The Diary of Anne Frank
  • The colour purple
  • The help
  • Skallagrigg
  • Any Lesley Pearce

Write about someone you admire

I admire many people and I think you all a sick of me writing about my mum, so today I chose Demi Lovato.

For those of you who don’t know, Demi started out on Barney aged 4 and then rocketed to fame on the Disney channel.

She has since used her experiences in rehab for addiction and eating disorder issues, to highlight the importance of mental health. Demi has bipolar and is an avid campaigner for those who are generally misunderstood because of their mental health and fights for those who still go untreated. She even co owns a CAST treatment centre in a LA.

Through all the things she has to deal with she has produced six wonderful albums that chart her life experiences. She’s even produced her own documentaries, Stay Strong and Simply Complicated. Aside from this she has also produced a book of positive affirmations (which I use daily) to help fans stay positive. Demi is often going on trips to Africa and supporting water schemes and even selling bracelets made by African women she vists at her concerts supporting women’s independence.

I chose Demi because she is a huge part of my life and even influenced me musically when I sang. If I can make a little difference in this world and turn my worst experiences into positive lessons, then I’d be happy.

Pet Peeves

Good morning readers,

Interesting topic today, so I would prepare yourselves for a rant.

  1. I hate being called Rachel, I much prefer Rach or Raimie as that’s what my mum wanted to call me (named after her childhood cabbage patch doll) but, my father being the drama king that he is thought I was going to die and registered my name without talking to my mum first. Rachel is just too formal and I’m not keen on being named after that bitchy chick on Friends. My middle name is cool though as I’m named after Ellen Degeneres and she’s one cool cat.
  2. The feel of wool or cotton wool, it just sets my teeth on edge.
  3. Loud noises – It’s a trait of cerebral palsy meaning I hyperventilate over balloons and fireworks aren’t my friend. Picture the scene: I pick up my tea cup with shaky hands and if the room is quiet somebody only has to sneeze or cough and the cup ends up on the floor and perhaps the one time I get the perfect tea, it ends up all on my clothes with my Mum saying (even though I have no control over this) What did you do that for.
  4. Text speak and people texting whilst walking in front of you. Whatever happened to being in the moment?  and I don’t know talking around the dinner table about the butterfly you saw instead of instagramming it just so you get one like off of your second great aunt.
  5. Someone saying lol out loud. You have no idea about how ridiculous you sound.
  6. Someone spoiling a book ending and making huge dog ears in books – you just neatly fold the corner not the whole page.

Something someone has told you about yourself.

So today’s quote is from my mother and it’s actually written in the back of one of my many notebooks. She said,

Keep up the positivity and write what you believe and love what you do. – Mum, 2016

My mum on the whole is my greatest source of motivation and her childhood memories and anecdotes from the toil of the workplace give me the greatest information.

However, when political writer Oliver Bullough’s came and did a workshop (signed his copy of his book for me!) he said,

It doesn’t matter what you write, write what you love, if it pisses off the gits then that is a bonus.

List 10 things that make you happy

I feel like I should be singing Julie Andrews ‘favourite things’ but for the sake of your hearing I won’t, I’ll just get on with the post.

  1. Hand stitched lined notebooks with thick creamy paper
  2. Ellie Dean novels
  3. Emmerdale
  4. Pretty china cups
  5. Tea and cake
  6. Musicals
  7. Heated blankets
  8. Crumpets
  9. Baths
  10. Demi Lovato

The reason behind my blog name

So I might be a bit blunt but, my name is Rachel and I write and read.

My name Rachel Marie is a pseudonym which is a mixture of my real name (Rachel) and my family nickname (Raimie)

So what’s yours?

A person who doesn’t travel, only reads one page of a book.

I really want to visit Amsterdam and I’m planning a trip with my dad. (We’re not close so I’m hoping this will bring us closer – I want to try!) I want to scoop up the tulips, try some weed and visit all the sex museums, it’s a shame the Anne Frank house isn’t accessible. I also want to go to the restaurant that was in The Fault in The Stars

The second place I’d love to go to is Barcelona. I’m learning Spanish on the iPad and I enjoy yet. I’d love to see the Spanish Steps, see a bull fight and a Flemnco.

The third place I’d like to visit is Germany. I’m just curious about the culture.

The fourth place would be Scotland. It’s where my step dads from. I’d love to visit Lock Ness, visit the Edinburgh festival, Mahogmany. Read Burns poetry, pick thistle, that sort of thing.

The last to place I’d love to visit is Ireland. I’d love to drink Guinness, watch Irish dancers, visit old bookshops of poets gone by. I want to kiss the Blarney Stone and walk the Giants Causeway.

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