Internet dating

Yes I bit the bullet and I’m on Tinder. To be honest is the perfect app for me because there is no awkward rejections and I find I come across better over a keyboard.

It was  kim my PA to set up my account and I’m enjoying the experience. Right now I’m talking to a lovely girl who seem so honest and is a beautiful singer plus she’s a reader like me.
I’ll keep you posted.

My Disability and Me: hoists and wheelchairs 

Yes, they give me independence and take the strain of my carers back but I used to loath hoists.

Having to use a hoist for me was a symbol of my deterioration.. now I couldn’t live with out them.
Will regards to wheelchairs I know nothing different. Sometimes you have to miss out on things due to inaccessibility but if I was to use a walker, getting to A and B wouldn’t be worth it. At school I saw it as my shield where the insults from the other kids. The downside? Sometimes people only see the chair and when it’s broken down the service aren’t very quick to fix them.
Now, a collapsible electric wheelchair with sliding ramp under neath for when there’s no drop curbs, that’s an idea

My Disability and Me: accessible transport

It seems to me that when you have a disability you have to think ahead where ever you go and that includes transport. They’re been a number of times where I wanted to go out somewhere on my own,spontaneously to use the taxi and I’ve been told for wheelchairs you have to pre-book. It’s fair enough when you consider the cost to buy an accessible vehicle, the money to run it and finding patrons who want to use it. A lot of the taxi companies I’ve used I’ve had to pre-book between the hours of nine and 4 PM due to them being on schools. Some days they don’t even run taxis at all!! 

The best route to buy me a not too bad, i’ve never had a problem with space on the bus taken up by buggies but, on several occasions I’ve seen drivers not meet my eye when I am at the bus stop because they are too lazy to get the ramp down. Well, people like that shouldn’t be doing those jobs.
Trains I find are okay as long as you sweet talk aguard into finding space for you on carriage. Where I live there pretty good with the ramps when you are getting or getting off.
Thankfully now that my mum has a road car the van stays with me all of the time so kim and I can go to lots of places, for example, today we are going to Cardiff Bay!
I just wish that if I wanted to travel independently that my needs would be accommodated for whatever time of the day.
See @shonalouise twitter to see her on going fight with a bus company 

How to survive when mother nature’s gift comes

  1. Massage your abdomen
  2. Hot baths
  3. Hot water bottles
  4. Drink plenty of water
  5. Cuddle up with a warm blanket and your favourite film/ binge watch Netflix
  6. Take ibroprofene
  7. Eat dark chocolate
  8. For the mood swings you’ll need a pillow to pummel and tissues.
  9. Treat yourself to a manicure or facial.
  10. Cuddle up with a good book
  11. If everyone’s irritating you or telling you to stop whinging say, ‘my uterus is shredding.’
  12. Eat what you crave.
  13. Naps are always a good thing.
  14. Pizza
  15. A warm drink or wine
  16. Relaxing playlist
  17. Coloring – it’s calming.
  18. A little exercise. (Not just lifting the remote up and down)
  19. Granny pants
  20. Elasticated

Dating advice

Get to know the person first before going on first dates and further dates. For me it was like a roller coaster that wouldn’t stop.

  1. Don’t rush into sex.
  2. Go on double dates with friends and value their opinion.
  3. Never hook up online – yes it’s easier to talk over a keyboard but you have no idea who your talking.
  4. Don’t feel like you need to wear makeup/ fancy clothes on your first date – be comfortable.
  5. Meet each other’s parents – it shows how serious you are and it’s respectful.
  6. Don’t wait for he/she to ask you out, this is the 21st century – take charge.
  7. Common interest is a good thing.
  8. Pressure from the other is not – run as fast as you can hun!
  9. Have dates in public places – its neutral ground.
  10. Be mature – don’t date someone if you’re going to play games to make another person.
  11. Be honest with each other.
  12. Trust is an important foundation.
  13. If they make you laugh, it’s a good start.
  14. There’s no shame in playing the field as long as you’re not playing someone else.

10 ways to eliminate girl hate.

Is your school a bit like the Mean Girls movie? If the answer is yes, then you might want to have a peep at this list on ways to bond with your fellow females because in this day and WE need to present a united front.

  1. Cut back on social media – The more you see of someone else’s life online it can lead to jealousy, so just remember that social media profiles are heavily edited and sometimes life isn’t always perfect.
  2. If you really want to critique someone on their behaviour then do it face to face – that way you present yourself as mature and remember to say something positive about them at the end of your talk.
  3. Join societies like Girl Guides where it teaches you how to work as a team, sorting your own issues and making a positive impact.
  4. Take someone under your wing and show that school isn’t all about cliques. Invite them to go bowling with a group of friends or even a poetry reading! Don’t leave a person out, you may think you don’t like them but half the time you don’t know them properly and you end up judging them on their social media or their fashion sense, sexuality or their attitudes towards recreational drugs or even perhaps their vegan life style. People have many layers don’t just look at one aspect of their personality look at them as a whole person.
  5. If you have an issue with someone then don’t go at each other face to face on social media – do it face to face as messages are hard to interpret if you don’t know the persons body language and attitude fully. Maybe a teacher could be a mediator? Or a neutral friend who is less likely to take sides.
  6. Encourage body celebrating instead of body shaming. Fashion gives people the freedom to express themselves and whilst you could say, ‘that’s not quite your colour/shape’ help them out! Fashion can be a little daunting. There is no right size to be either.
  7. Attend a women’s rally together – nothing brings girls together more than a cause to fight.
  8. Join clubs with other girls who have the same interests as you like a book club or debate team.
  9. Boys/girls are not worth falling out over.
  10. Just try and be open minded remembering that people come from all walks of life and share your different experiences! It may help you in the future. There’s no better way to forge a friendship with someone who’s going through the same things as you.