Your mindset is important

What do you think? As Tracey Wellington would say ’its all about growth mindset’ this is coming from a very inspirational teacher I had the pleasure of being taught by. #education #Mindset #Motivation

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When talking to a person with a disability

    If you see someone struggling, you can offer help but don’t be offended if they deny your help because they want to be independent – they’ll figure out away to open that door etc.
    Don’t tell them their an inspiration – unless it’s genuine praise and not patronising – we don’t wanna hear that crap.
    Able bodied and disabled people can date!
    Don’t be prejudice, just because their disability isn’t physical doesn’t mean they don’t have one.
    Invisible illness deserve the same amount of validation as physical ones.
    Some people don’t like sharing their disability so don’t get offended if you ask someone what’s wrong with them and they don’t answer it’s because some people aren’t keen on sharing their life stories with a stranger on the bus.
    Just treat us as if we were able bodied or how you wish to be treated.

Extreme room makeover: authors edition

So guys I am getting ready to start my course in September. So I needed to get organised pronto! Here is some photos of my room that liven it up a bit. All that’s left to buy is two more blue canvases, blue bedside lamp, and a stick on mirror.

Can’t wait till Monday when I can make my positive affirmations board with Mel, then on Tuesday we’re are tackling my cupboard to try and organise it and make charity donations. Lastly on Wednesday, it’s sorting out any old clothes for the winter charity collections!

Also we’re going to make bath bombs and bath salts and sell them and Christmas fetes!

Cannot wait to do Christmas baking!! and walk the race for life and FINALLY do my degree (It’s going to be keeping my mind off of all medical hurricane it’s going to be happening once I see pain clinic and back surgeon)

I digress, here’s my organised room: