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Is Carefree and Consequences the right book for you?

Hi I am a student on the creative writing course with OCA. My name is Rachel I’m 21, Welsh and an author. In January last year I finally had the guts to publish my romance novel carefree and consequences with Amazon publishing.

I was wondering if anyone would like to buy a copy? This is the book in two sentences: I hope you buy a copy of my 1950s romance novels where teenagers Annie May and Lewis land themselves in hot water over their summer dalliances. They have been cut off from family and are at rock bottom. They are faced with a huge responsibility with just their teenage friends to help, some of whom are already making future plans. Can Annie May and Lewis have a bright future or will a stupid mistake always hang over them? Here’s the UK link:

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Relationship advice

    • Take it slowly (unless you’ve known and loved someone for 10 years)
    • Make sure you have common interests and hobbies that you can do together
    • Have patience and understanding
    • Don’t expect it to be like the movies
    • Respect each other’s opinions
    • Make big decisions together
    • Sometimes you’ll want space and that’s
    • healthy.
    • Have good communication and honesty – that’s the solid foundation for your relationship to blossom
    • A relationship will sometimes be like a rollercoaster ride but, if you love each other you’ll hold hands throughout the ride and survive.

    How to get soft Skin like Annie May in carefree and consequence (Essentially my regime)

    What you’ll need

    A warm flannel soaked with face wash (I love using Chien by Lidl.)

    E45 cream

    Marc Jacobs body lotion

    Hydrocortisone Cream

    A paper face mask if you want (I use the Korean herbal ones on Amazon)



    Body scrub


    How To:

    Have a steaming hot shower using a good body scrub to freshen you up. Steam is very good at opening up your pores.

    Make sure you take care of any eyebrow and ‘garden maintenance’ if this a special night. ☺️

    Shave legs from ankle to knee – pay no attention to the adverts with smooth thighs (it’s all airbrush)

    Shave arms and applying a cream like deodorant such as Mitchum

    Scrub your feet with a pumas stone – clip toe nails and finger nails.

    Now on to your face

    Firstly always use a fresh flannel (even when you wash it after using it, it can still harbour germs.) Apply some warm water and throughly lather the face wash. When washing focus on your T Zones.

    Next apply a thick layer of hydrocortisone cream around your cheeks and sides of your face in a circular motion. Apply to any other dry areas such as the forehead or bridge of your nose. Let it soak in for 20 minutes.

    Cover your body in E45 cream, giving extra attention to sensitive areas if just been shaved. Focus on hands, elbows and heels – non scented is kinder to skin. Wipe off any excess hydrocortisone cream and swipe a little moisture under under the eyes and under your nose and Cupid’s bow to act as a natural highlighter.

    Apply lip balm (I love a tinted one)

    Then slather yourself in Marc Jacobs body lotion – apply face mask in the evening for 20 minutes and go to bed feeling spa like pampered.

    TIP: A good makeup primer is essential; I recommend MUA hydro gel and a good and Ganier Water