30 things before 30 bucket list

    1. Write and publish my second book
    1. Go to Italy
    2. See Anastasia the Broadway show
    3. Pass my university degree with a first
    4. Learn to cook basic food.
    5. Get a tattoo
    6. Sing on stage again
    7. Buy a Pomeranian
    8. Meet John Travolta
    9. Break my virginity
    10. Design my own wheelchair
    11. Be on the Forbes list of successful women
    12. Write my autobiography
    13. Create a charity that supports people with ME
    14. Meet wheelchairrupunzel and wheelchairbarbie
    15. Go to a Gym once
    16. Visit Amsterdam
    17. Visit Hawaii
    18. Get married
    19. Write a third book
    20. Go back to ballroom dancing
    21. Design stylish disability equipment
    22. Found a school where any pupil with any condition can come and learn and not be classed as the special needs pupil.
    23. Go to the school of mermaids
    24. Start a podcast
    25. Buy my mum a VW camper van
    26. Buy my dad shares in F1
    27. Write for a magazine
    28. Try to walk again
    29. Go to India

    A dream is a wish your heart makes – Cinderella


    The Forgotten Children of Romania

    Watching this documentary on Channel 5 about finding a home for Romanian disabled children and I’m not ashamed to say I’m crying! So grateful I live in the UK and have fantastic care and facilities unlike these children through no fault of their own. END INSTITUTIONALISATION! Everybody has a right to a good quality of life!

    If you want to see how disabled children are treated in eastern Europe, go to YouTube and type in ‘The forgotten children of Bulgaria’. I don’t understand why people aren’t intervening.. . this iso inhuman!

    Monday Rant: Staff ‘refused to let a severely autistic boy, 15, onto a Ryanair flight from Alicante after trying to charge his family a £25 carry-on fee for the teenager’s comfort doll’

    This is ridiculous, nothing shows me with this airline. They are an utter farce. This poor family, not to mention how they ridiculed him in front other passengers. Travelling with a disability is hard enough. Don’t make it harder.


    Well done Jet2 for stepping up to the plate. Compassion for disabled people and

    anyone for that matter.

    it’s incidents like this that put disabled people off of travelling.

    We don’t need to more barriers, we need human common sense.

    What do you think? Get involved in the comments.

    If you are planning on travelling especially in a wheelchair please see my ‘ Travelling with a wheelchair tips’ post in the Disability category.

    The Head Teachers Award (Written In 2012)

    Remember in one of my early posts when my ickkle blog just had 12 readers? I did a post about an award I had received at school. ‘The head teachers award’ for sticking up for my rights as a disabled student in 2012? Well, he’s had to write a letter for my Record of achievement (what we take to future employers/uni interviews) as proof that had the award. I just thought I’d share it with you: ‘I was delighted to be able to award Rachel my Headteacher’s award for Key Stage 3 in the Summer of 2012. Rachel was given this award, by myself, from well over 700 potential recipients.

    Rachel is a truly remarkable young woman: she is popular with her peers and her teachers alike. She displays an absolutely fantastic attitude in everything that she does. Rachel’s philosophy is a simple one: she is totally determined to be the best that she possibly be in everything that she does. Rachel is not prepared to allow any obstacle to stand in her way.

    I have been a teacher for 25 years and in all of that time have been involved with literally tens of thousands of young people. I can say, with all sincerity, Rachel is one of a handful who will always stay in my memory for her exceptional approach to life’,

    Flaring big time today

    As you all know I want to the hairdressers (before having to jumpstart my car) yesterday and I spent three hours getting my hair done and being pampered the only thing is it my back to be at the basins and to be in my wheelchair for so long. The result? I’m beautiful but, fuck me I hurt.

    So today I haven’t even gotten dressed and basically did book promotion from my iPad in between naps and food. Does anyone not eat proper meals when flaring? All I want is seeded toast, bananas and green apple and yogurt,

    Before you ask yes I will be taking it I will be taking a diazepam tomorrow to try and reset my body. I don’t even know if I’ll stay awake for Call The Midwife. In my chronic fatigue case I managed to spend £27 on kindle books. so at least I’ll have a lot of books to keep me occupied for a couple of days.

    Source: weheartit

    The proof copies of my book came for Carefree and Consequence, they look awesome. If you haven’t got your digital copy or paperback there is a link in my blog that will take you there. I always appreciate reviews however small.

    I hope my fellow spoonies are okay?

    Looking forward to setting up my author bank account for my royalties tomorrow I’m doing taxes with my grandparents. I want everything to be a bit bored so I’m saving every seat related to writing whether that be computer software or stationery. I was surprised at how much you can claim back on expenses.

    PS I also applied for a flat in Talbot Green today.. wish me luck!

    Lots of love

    RM x

    My disability and Me: How to conquer school bullies

    Dear Reader,

    If you’re reading this and you’re going through a hard time at school and bullying, just know that you’re not alone. When I was thirteen I had to deal with from girls at school due to my sexuality and disability. Nothing was going to change unless I found the courage to do something about it. Here’s what you can do too:

    • Keep a log of all events that happened to you for evidence.
    • Run over their feet
    • Write an email to the Head Teacher
    • Photograph any physical wounds
    • Print out all social media harassment
    • Reach out to them, they lash out at others because they are probably feeling vulnerable. 
    • Don’t let them see you cry.
    • If they use your disability as an excuse they are probably not used to meeting different people.
    • Lastly, bullying and discrimination are a crime – involve the police.

    You is kind, you is smart, you is important. – The Help