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Just popping in to say Hi.

Dear Writing community,

I apologise for not being active on my social media all my blog; I am working hard on my exercises/daily diary, cutting out inspirations for future works & my first assignments. I’ll pop in when I finally submit it & upload a nice long blog post/pics 4 U. Loving every minute of studying again.

10 new books to read this month

  1. Carefree and Consequences by Rachel Marie
  2. Phantom Limb by Lucinda Berry
  3. Mirror sisters by VC Andrews
  4. The Bookshop by the shore by Jenny Colgan
  5. Come rain or shine by Pam Weaver
  6. Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks
  7. The Forbidden sister by VC Andrews
  8. Liverpool girl by Elizabeth Morton
  9. Silent night by Danielle Steel
  10. You’ll never see me again by Lesley Pearse

Currently reading the new Lesley pearse – ”tis gripping! What are you reading? Anything you can recommend?

I have a new kindle

I have splurged and bought myself the new #kindlepaperwhite plus three new #kindle books; one by #daniellesteel, one regarding #mermaids (research for current book #amwriting) and one regarding the #Romanovs and the attempts they made to escape the Bolsheviks (research for next book where princess Anistasia has been replaced by a decoy and is still the way on the Titanic for America to start a new life and continue the Romanov -line – she even survived the tragedy of the Titanic) I cannot wait to read all my #VirginiaAndrews books I’d previously downloaded and the last book in #lucindaberry’s catalog and the NEW #lesleypearse -( sorry to the paperbacks I bought in Asda I must abandon you until I’ve caught up with everything on my kindle) SO HAPPY but first, a nap because I feel dizzy and I have double vision – God I hate #chronicfatiguesyndrome! Remember you can buy my book #carefreeandconsequences on Kindle too as well as paperback on Amazon (link in profile) So, if you love 50s romance then this book is for you! ❤️📚📖🔖

New WIP with book cover, character collages and basic plot

Meet my new #WIP #Thecalmbeforethestorm She’s the heir to the seven seas and someone is out for her blood and to rule every inch of water. A hybrid child of an Amazon Fighter Merman Agua, and Mediterranean shapeshifter and previous daughter of the Hawaiian sea, she is transformed into a baby and entrusted to a fisherman, with a secret past, Kato and his baron wife, Angela to keep her safe until her 18th birthday. After learning her orgin, Marielia must fight for the ocean below for everybody’s sake – but is she supporting the right side or has she swam right in to Quadulupe’s (The siren/sea/witch/aunt) trap? All rights reserved at Rachel Marie

So the book cover is done and so are the character ascetics, now all there is left to do is to write the damn thing! All images from Canva/Weheartit

Cover: Made by Canva