Poem: A New Chapter

So, the last chapter has finished

A new one is to begin.

I feel anxious as I turn the page,

What’s to happen in this chapter?

Will it turn out alright?

Well, that’s up to me

This is my life.

I want to live in the movement and

Do extrodinary things

And not hide away as I’ve

Done before.

This isn’t just a new chapter but a
Fresh start.

This is my story


This is my wonderful life,

A person who doesn’t travel, only reads one page of a book.

I really want to visit Amsterdam and I’m planning a trip with my dad. (We’re not close so I’m hoping this will bring us closer – I want to try!) I want to scoop up the tulips, try some weed and visit all the sex museums, it’s a shame the Anne Frank house isn’t accessible. I also want to go to the restaurant that was in The Fault in The Stars

The second place I’d love to go to is Barcelona. I’m learning Spanish on the iPad and I enjoy yet. I’d love to see the Spanish Steps, see a bull fight and a Flemnco.

The third place I’d like to visit is Germany. I’m just curious about the culture.

The fourth place would be Scotland. It’s where my step dads from. I’d love to visit Lock Ness, visit the Edinburgh festival, Mahogmany. Read Burns poetry, pick thistle, that sort of thing.

The last to place I’d love to visit is Ireland. I’d love to drink Guinness, watch Irish dancers, visit old bookshops of poets gone by. I want to kiss the Blarney Stone and walk the Giants Causeway.

(All images from Weheartit.com)