Music Monday: Country Music

A new week is here so here’s a new playlist:

  1. If you’re not in it for love – Shania Twain
  2. Any man of mine – Shania Twain
  3. The cowgirl and the dandy – Dolly Parton
  4. American girl – Carrie Underwood
  5. Two doors down – Dolly Parton
  6. I need a hero – Ella Mae Bowen version
  7. Late to the party – Kacey Muskgraves
  8. Pageant Material – Kacey Muskgraves
  9. Any thing by The Shires
  10. Anything by Lady Antebellum
  11. Anything by the Pistol Annie’s


Is Carefree and Consequences the right book for you?

Hi I am a student on the creative writing course with OCA. My name is Rachel I’m 21, Welsh and an author. In January last year I finally had the guts to publish my romance novel carefree and consequences with Amazon publishing.

I was wondering if anyone would like to buy a copy? This is the book in two sentences: I hope you buy a copy of my 1950s romance novels where teenagers Annie May and Lewis land themselves in hot water over their summer dalliances. They have been cut off from family and are at rock bottom. They are faced with a huge responsibility with just their teenage friends to help, some of whom are already making future plans. Can Annie May and Lewis have a bright future or will a stupid mistake always hang over them? Here’s the UK link:

And US


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Stationery you’ll need for university/ Doing a Degree from home (no matter where you do it, it’s still a degree)

Yes I know what you’re all thinking; ‘it’s only July!but, trust me this will help you out a hell of a lot. Get your stationery now from stores like Tesco, WH Smith and Wilkinson’s and Asda, before they hike up the prices for the ‘Back to School Sale’

Don’t be fooled by the world sale, you may end up paying double so shop around to get these things now whilst their cheap.

Don’t be that fool that turns up on the first lecture with one pen and a scrap bit of paper. I’ve covered my basics in my collage but here’s what you’ll need overall.

  • 1 file per subject/ module and
  • A file – for two years worth of bank statements, proof of address any medical evidence you need, your passport, list of emergency phone numbers, national insurance number, receipts (I recommend an arcordian folder: one slot for each type of document eg: 2018 bank statements in one, 2019 statements in another) and any university documents especially ones in student finance, keep them in date order and give them their own slot, as well as anything to do with your car insurance (Now your important documents you’ll need through your life will be organised and easy to find should you need to produce evidence for something. Without needing mum or dad to do it for you.
  • A refill pad
  • A good planner – I loved the busy bee planner; it had space for 4 term timetables and a week to view. Each day had two sides too so, you could organise your personal life and university assignments separately. It also had two reminder slots where I’d write my school ID and passwords for things
  • Labels for files and pencil case
  • Coloured gel pens, black pens, a sharpener, ruler, mini paper clips, mini stapler and highlighters
  • Index tabs for making annotations in your books
  • Revision cards – great for learning character quotations or terminology for an exam.
  • A backpack – big enough for a lunch box (prepare the night before)
  • Polypockets/dividers
  • One notebook per module.
  • A lanyard to remember your room key, car keys etc.
  • A power bank in case your devices need a boost.
  • A girls survival kit: hairbrush, hair ties, compact mirror, chapstick, healthy snack, water bottle, tampons, earphones, pepper spray, mini deodorant.

Everything you need for a great school year!

Tunes for the week: Getting you in a party mood

    1. So what by Pink
    2. U and ur hand by Pink
    3. Raise your glass by Pink
    4. It’s my party by Jessie J
    5. Do it like a dude Jessie J
    6. Money by Cardi B
    7. Bodak Yellow by Cardi B
    8. Like it like that By Cardi B
    9. Independent Woman by Destiny’s Child
    10. No Scrubs by TLC
    11. I love it by Icona pop
    12. Who runs the world? By Beyoncé
    13. Taki Taki by Selena Gomez
    14. Really don’t care by Demi Lovato
    15. Sexy Dirty love by Demi Lovato
    16. Sucker by the Jonas Brothers
    17. Confident by Demi Lovato
    18. Let me love you by DJ snake
    19. Dancing Queen by Cher
    1. Woman’s world by Cher
  • Favourite Five Bloggers Friday

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    2. – Just one guy, his suitcase, good looks and humor as he explores our beautiful planet whilst giving a new pointofview.
    1. – Every little hint and trick a woman needs in regards to her beauty routine and overall lifestyle.– Sometimes it’s nice to have some out of the box inspiration for your monthly manicure. – A fellow writer still learning like me. Sometimes you just need to learn new tricks to add to your toolbelt