Just popping in to say Hi.

Dear Writing community,

I apologise for not being active on my social media all my blog; I am working hard on my exercises/daily diary, cutting out inspirations for future works & my first assignments. I’ll pop in when I finally submit it & upload a nice long blog post/pics 4 U. Loving every minute of studying again.


How to cope with chronic fatigue syndrome in the heat.

  1. Don’t beat yourself up if you do fall asleep – you have a genuine condition that’s exasperated by heat.p
  2. Try a cold bath or shower and minty fresh body scrub to stave away that groggy ‘I just got up’ feeling.
  3. If you’re trying to study, open a window and have a nice breeze circulate the room.
  4. Drink ice cold water.
  5. Put ice packs into cushions/ your fave seat or under your pillow – this will stop you from nodding off and cool you down
  6. Invest in a small fan – one that isn’t too disruptive.
  7. Have a 1 hour nap after lunch.
  8. Avoid heavy meals like carbs or roast chicken dinner. Big meals make us feel lazy and it leads us to falling asleep – graze on things like; salad and fruit and energy bars.
  9. Ask someone for a copy of lecture notes and then just concentrate on listening to the lecturer.
  10. Have a good sleep routine I.e I wake up 7:35 and then nap from 1 till 2 and then bed at 8:30
  11. Wear light clothes/ pyjamas
  12. If you know you’re going to be having a long day and night drink a high energy smoothie or have an energy drink (but these can get addictive and you’re likely to crash so, go with the smoothie
  13. If you want to sit outside make sure you’re sitting in the shaded area with something stimulating to do like reading or puzzles.

I hope these help and make the summer heat more manageable guys.

Monday Music playlist: Top 10

  1. Night fever – The Beegees
  2. Irish son – Brian Adams
  3. Two doors down – Dolly Parton
  4. Born to the Hand Jive – Sha Na Nan Na
  5. Don’t fight the moonlight – Leanne Rimes
  6. Hit me baby one more time – Brittney Spears
  7. Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne
  8. Every time we touch – Cascada
  9. Born to follow – Bon Jovi
  10. Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams

I love pure cheesy songs! Did your fave make the list?

Stationery you’ll need for university/ Doing a Degree from home (no matter where you do it, it’s still a degree)

Yes I know what you’re all thinking; ‘it’s only July!but, trust me this will help you out a hell of a lot. Get your stationery now from stores like Tesco, WH Smith and Wilkinson’s and Asda, before they hike up the prices for the ‘Back to School Sale’

Don’t be fooled by the world sale, you may end up paying double so shop around to get these things now whilst their cheap.

Don’t be that fool that turns up on the first lecture with one pen and a scrap bit of paper. I’ve covered my basics in my collage but here’s what you’ll need overall.

  • 1 file per subject/ module and
  • A file – for two years worth of bank statements, proof of address any medical evidence you need, your passport, list of emergency phone numbers, national insurance number, receipts (I recommend an arcordian folder: one slot for each type of document eg: 2018 bank statements in one, 2019 statements in another) and any university documents especially ones in student finance, keep them in date order and give them their own slot, as well as anything to do with your car insurance (Now your important documents you’ll need through your life will be organised and easy to find should you need to produce evidence for something. Without needing mum or dad to do it for you.
  • A refill pad
  • A good planner – I loved the busy bee planner; it had space for 4 term timetables and a week to view. Each day had two sides too so, you could organise your personal life and university assignments separately. It also had two reminder slots where I’d write my school ID and passwords for things
  • Labels for files and pencil case
  • Coloured gel pens, black pens, a sharpener, ruler, mini paper clips, mini stapler and highlighters
  • Index tabs for making annotations in your books
  • Revision cards – great for learning character quotations or terminology for an exam.
  • A backpack – big enough for a lunch box (prepare the night before)
  • Polypockets/dividers
  • One notebook per module.
  • A lanyard to remember your room key, car keys etc.
  • A power bank in case your devices need a boost.
  • A girls survival kit: hairbrush, hair ties, compact mirror, chapstick, healthy snack, water bottle, tampons, earphones, pepper spray, mini deodorant.

Everything you need for a great school year!

Relationship advice

  • Take it slowly (unless you’ve known and loved someone for 10 years)
  • Make sure you have common interests and hobbies that you can do together
  • Have patience and understanding
  • Don’t expect it to be like the movies
  • Respect each other’s opinions
  • Make big decisions together
  • Sometimes you’ll want space and that’s
  • healthy.
  • Have good communication and honesty – that’s the solid foundation for your relationship to blossom
  • A relationship will sometimes be like a rollercoaster ride but, if you love each other you’ll hold hands throughout the ride and survive.

10 new books to read this month

  1. Carefree and Consequences by Rachel Marie
  2. Phantom Limb by Lucinda Berry
  3. Mirror sisters by VC Andrews
  4. The Bookshop by the shore by Jenny Colgan
  5. Come rain or shine by Pam Weaver
  6. Every Breath by Nicholas Sparks
  7. The Forbidden sister by VC Andrews
  8. Liverpool girl by Elizabeth Morton
  9. Silent night by Danielle Steel
  10. You’ll never see me again by Lesley Pearse

Currently reading the new Lesley pearse – ”tis gripping! What are you reading? Anything you can recommend?