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Hello to my new followers, whether it be on this blog, Twitter or Instagram I want to thank you for wanting to read about my life and my journey into adulthood!

There’s lots on here:

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  • Mental health

So I hope this blog and my social media can help you in many ways

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7 self care tips

  1. Take time out to visit a friend to catch up.
  2. Incorporate two new healthy dinners into your meal plan.
  3. Lunch hour? grab sandwich and eat it in the sunshine at the closest green space to your work – read a chapter of that book you want to finish.
  4. To cut out any Twitter disturbance in bed, Switch your notifications to do not disturb on your phone that way you get a peaceful eight hours.
  5. Incorporate jogging for 10 ten minutes each day
  6. Start a new hobby
  7. Face a fear and keep an open and honest mind about it. You’re allowed to feel scared, lonely – you just need to figure out the reason why and then you solve the root of the problem.

My Hemingway six word story challenge

Enjoy my attempt at the Hemingway Challenge She floated face down, ice cold.

Thunder struck, and hearts broke.

Their lips met also their souls.

Her face was illuminated, tears ran.

The sun shone, the world continued

Their limbs intertwined in passion’s dance.

He lit the spark in her.

Words flew between them; verbal war.

She teetered on the edge of reason.

Words said, bonds broken, time heals.

Angel with eyes of a devil

She escaped inner battles in daydream

Tapping away at the keyboard: Documenting.

The seasons came: He hadn’t changed.

Wars in her head, whilst in bed.

Miles to go, each step remembered .

Flags planted, possessions owned, life taken.

Kisses mean I am sorry or goodbye

The harp is the sound of love.

Worlds torn, uprooted, your flag planted.