A simple trip to Asda: Red Milk, Red Button.

Myself and my carer during my social hours today went over to the local supermarket so I can get my mum some milk. So after we picked up some milk, shower gel, two paperbacks, two lots of feminine products and some melon (and ten cookies, the five were for me and the rest were for the food bank.)

So as we leisurely stroll home I decide I want to go and read in the garden for the afternoon whilst it’s so sunny… Nothing with me is ever simple. I was going down my ramp and it must’ve moved or something because I became wedged and stuck in my wheelchair.. we tried to pull and yank the wheelchair off the ramp and onto the concrete but it’s not having it. So, in the end, I had to press my lifeline and I never thought I’d say this but thank God for them! They managed to put the chair in the Manual Mode and shift it themselves.., I’ve never been so embarrassed in my bloody life I think I need to lay off the cookies and Cake.

They took 20 minutes to come so if you think about it I did have an afternoon in the garden but wedged on the ramp with tea my pink flask. When they came I quickly scurried inside my cheeks red with embarrassment (thank God for the neighbours at work) and I started to read the rest of the afternoon but like me; I slept.

What did I panic or cry when the ramp incident happened like I usually would have? No. As I’m going out now I can feel my anxiety lessening and soon hopefully I’ll be able to go on my own.

I’m just proud of myself that I went to go with the flow and not panic I do not even ring my mum she was actually the first one to ring me this morning to see if I was okay as I was engrossed in the BBC drama years and years!

Great news as well, my new wheelchair is coming Friday so I’m going to be the belle of the ball at the Bublé concert with my new wheels, take that crazy Dave!

Sometimes you Gotta look at the funny of life

Enjoy the sunshine everyone and stay safe. Warning: going to buy red top milk will cause you to become wedged on ramps!! (mind you will has the bloody thing for years I think it’s due a service at least the new one by now.


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Sunny Sunday

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Fashion Friday: HELP

Ugh.. how hard is it to find an outfit for a @MichaelBuble concert with a budget of £75 for dress, shoes, and bag? I 💙light blue and want to wear an evening gown as I’m 21 and my usual tea dresses I see as day wear soooo Nothing too short because of catheter and not too long bc wheels💙 Every detail has to be perfect. I’m going to be in the room with the Frank Sinatra of our generation. He might not see me in the crowd but, this going to be the best night ever. FYI to my date; scrub nice and no moaning! you are making your daughter tearfully happy.