Is Carefree and Consequences the right book for you?

Hi I am a student on the creative writing course with OCA. My name is Rachel I’m 21, Welsh and an author. In January last year I finally had the guts to publish my romance novel carefree and consequences with Amazon publishing.

I was wondering if anyone would like to buy a copy? This is the book in two sentences: I hope you buy a copy of my 1950s romance novels where teenagers Annie May and Lewis land themselves in hot water over their summer dalliances. They have been cut off from family and are at rock bottom. They are faced with a huge responsibility with just their teenage friends to help, some of whom are already making future plans. Can Annie May and Lewis have a bright future or will a stupid mistake always hang over them? Here’s the UK link:

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My top 10 writing tips

    1. Don’t just say your character eyes are blue try adding more descriptive colours such as cornflower blue – it adds more texture and helps the reader build a picture of them in their head.
    1. Think about your characters names examples if you name one of your characters names is Anastasia – it means she will rise again so it will insinuate that your character is born feisty and brave.
    2. Don’t overuse adverbs – it’s lazy writing.
    3. Don’t mix up your tenses – I tend to do this a lot and thank goodness my editor has a lot of patience and will correct all the time I’m wrong.
    4. Try and keep a writing journal you could write down things that inspire you such as; song lyrics or even something you see you when you’re out and about or something in a newspaper article or something in the story someone is telling you.
    5. We’re going to write back to basics here; remember that your story has to have a beginning middle and end. It’s always nice to start your story off in the middle of an action so that way the momentum of the book and storyline gets going so it’s not too slow.
    6. Set yourself writing limits don’t be silly; When it comes to writing my sensible limit is right 1500 words and no more. Otherwise I just start typing rubbish because I’m too tired.
    7. Take inspiration from your favourite authors, for example when I’m writing a comedic story I tend to read Sophie Kinsella or Jenny Colgan.
    8. Start your social media presence now. Join every writers group that you can on Facebook and on Twitter always look for the hashtagwritingcommunity and for people Who are doing the same as you and make friends because writing a novel is not easy on your own. (A computer class may help you grasp the basics if you’re more notepad and pen)
    9. Make sure you plan a basic plot and stick to it but otherwise have fun and let your imagination run wild!

    As promised here is my book review: Amy and Matthew by Cammie McGovern, 2014

    Overall rating: 10/10

    Genre Romance

    I really enjoyed this book. I cannot believe how much I identified with the characters, Amy with her cerebral palsy, her search for friendship and her fight for independence. I also identified a lot with Matthew as like the character I have OCD and a severe anxiety disorder.

    I loved how Cammie wrote the book, it was like the characters were real.

    I shared a lot of Amy’s problems such as struggling to make friends, finding love and the struggle to break free from her over protective mother Nicole. I’m actually glad Cammie wrote about Amy and her mothers relationship because when your carer is also your parent, you will have a very close bond because you need them 24/7 and they’ve protected you and fought for you all of your life. But, there comes a time like Amy’s experiencing where you want to break free of that bond and show the world you can ‘wheel with your own two hands’. Amy’s mother is rather pushy and analytical and in the novel amy actually says ‘by pushing me she gave me a life’.

    Matthew has OCD where he can’t break free from his rituals until Amy helps him with exposure therapy. Thus, their friendship blossoming.

    Matthew along with some other friends including the lathrio Sanjay is one of Amy’s peer helpers. Instead of having an adult aid, Amy wants her peers to help so she can be sociable at collage. (I really want to suggest this for me!) this starts off rocky but in the end friendships develops and so does love.

    Matthew and Amy have a huge fight before Amy goes off to collage and this would be potentially the last time they see each other as Nicole deems Matthew ‘not good enough’ for Amy. (I was like bitch! leave her be she’s finally happy.) Amy and Matthew fight about sex and when Amy goes off to collage. She goes missing. I WILL NOT SPOIL IT FOR YOU GUYS BUT THERE IS MAJOR PLOT TWIST.

    Themes in the book:

    * Mental illness

    * Relationships

    * disability

    * pregnancy

    * sex

    What’s you’re reading ritual?

    In the evenings, I like to be in bed by six. Then I get into my pyjamas, usually update my blog then read.

    I try to read an hour and half before I go to bed… nothing college related! I like my room to be bathed in a warm glow, curtains shut with my TV off and phone on do not disturb. Lastly, I write a brief summary of the chapter in my writing journal… weird fact I have to stop reading for the night when my book reaches every 5 chapters.